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How To Reprogram TPMS On S197 Mustang | 2005-14

Need to reset your S197 Mustang's TPMS sensors? Follow along as we walk you through the quick and easy steps to reset your 2005-14 Mustang TPMS sensors.

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How To Reprogram Mustang TPMS

Reprogramming the Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS on your S197 Mustang isn’t nearly as complicated as you think it might be! Follow along in this video as we walk you through this simple process. This is critical when purchasing new wheel and tire kits for your 2007-current Mustang.

Tools Required:

  • A S197 Mustang
  • Keys to Aforementioned Mustang
  • TPMS Sensors

Installation Instructions

  1. Put your key into your ignition and leave it in the off position.

  2. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

  3. Press & release your brake pedal

  4. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

  5. Turn your key to the on position & then back to the off position, on position, off position, back to the on position, & then press and release your brake pedal

  6. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

  7. Turn your key off, then to the on position, off position, on position, off position, & then the on position. At this point you will hear your horn honk & you are ready to train your tpms tool. (You will be guided by a message on your gauges)

  8. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

  9. Take your supplied TPMS training tool and locate the arrow on the tool.

  10. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

  11. Hold the tool with the arrow facing the tire up against the sidewall near the valve stem and hold the button down until you hear your horn honk.

  12. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

  13. Do this for all four tires following the correct procedure of: Front Driver Side, Front Passenger Side, Rear Passenger Side, & then the Rear Driver Side.

  14. Ford Mustang TPMS Reprogram Instructions

You can opt to add TPMS sensor kits to your wheel and tire kits during your purchase at The Mustang wheel and tire kit will ship with the TPMS sensors pre-installed. All you have to do is follow this simple video to re-calibrate them to your Stang with one on our included Mustang TPMS tools!

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About the Video

Mustang TPMS: How To Reprogram Mustang Tire Pressure Monitoring System (07-14)

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Published on 2013-03-06
Don't for get to add this TPMS sensor kit to your wheel and tire kit!
When purchased with a wheel and tire kit, the TPMS sensors will be installed at no extra charge.

2007-2014 Mustangs came equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS. When changing out or upgrading your wheels & tires, the common practice in the past has been to go through the hassle & expense of having your original tires & wheels dismounted just so you could re-use your old TPMS sensors.

No More bands to mess with! This new style sensor is a valve stem mount for reduced cost & ease of installation. It is fully compatible with 2007-2014 Mustang & completely takes the place of the original type band mounted sensor.

We here at Latemodel Restoration Supply believe that when you buy a new wheel & tire kit for your Mustang, you should be able to put them directly on your Mustang with no further hassle. So we put together this low cost TPMS sensor kit to make that dream a reality.

The kit consists of 4 Tire Pressure Sensors & a TPMS training tool to train the new sensors to your Mustang.

Hey, everybody. J-Mac and Jeff here, and we're going to show you how to install new wheels and tires on your '07 to present Mustang with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

All right. Now, we do get a lot of calls on retreading TPMS sensors to your Mustang, so we will walk you through step by step on getting that done.

All right. Now, we're going to swap out these 2012 Boss 302 wheels with a set of these four racing Laguna Seca-style wheels with Nitto Invo tires. Let's go ahead and get these things swapped out.

Now, just a quick tip before you get your new wheels on the car. From the factory, you're going to have a couple of these little metal clips on your lug studs holding your rotors on. Now, these are used at the factory to hold the rotor onto the hub as it's going down the assembly line. Now, your factory wheels have a little recess behind the lug nut hole that allows it to go over this ring.

Some of your aftermarket wheels, like these Laguna Seca wheels, also have that recess. A lot of aftermarket wheels don't. So they're flat on the back, meaning if you leave these on, your wheel is never going to be flush up against the rotor, and you're going to have vibration problems. Just as a precaution, I always pull them off. You'll have one to two per wheel, and you can just take your pair of needle-nose pliers, grab hold, and pull them right off.

All right. Once you get your wheels swapped out, snug up your lug nuts, put the car back on the ground, and then final torque them. Do 100 foot-pounds. Now, two reasons you want to torque your lug nuts, A, to make sure that they're completely tight, B, uneven torque on your lug nuts could cause you to warp your rotors. Not a cheap proposition to replace.

Now, you can pick up a torque wrench at somewhere like Harbor Freight or Sears for next to nothing. A really good tool to have in your arsenal if you do anything with cars whatsoever.

Now, to train your TPMS sensors to your '07 to present Mustang, you want to start out by putting your key in the ignition leaving it in the off position. Press and release the brake pedal. Turn your key on, off, on, off, back on. Press and release the brake pedal again. Turn your key off, then you want to go on, off, on, off, on. You'll hear the audible honk. Jeff, go ahead and start training the wheels.

All right. To train your TPMS sensor, take the supplied tool. It's got an arrow on the front telling you which side needs to face the sidewall of the tire. Press the tool to the sidewall near the valve stem. Press and hold the button. You should hear a honk just like that. Now, the process you're going to take is going to be the front driver side, then the front passenger side, the rear passenger side, and then, lastly, the rear driver side tire.

All right. Once the driver rear tire has been trained, you'll hear a single honk. And if you have a heads-up display, it'll say training complete. Now, on some year models, when you turn the ignition off, you'll have a single honk. Now, on any year model, if you hear double honk, that means your training did not take, and you need to start over again from the beginning.

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