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Throttle Bodies For Ford Mustang

Increase horsepower and torque by adding a throttle body to your Mustang's motor! Choose from the popular 90mm throttle body as well as 65mm throttle body, 70mm throttle body, 75mm throttle body, 80mm throttle body, 85mm throttle body, and even an 87mm throttle body combinations for the best performance on your engine.

These throttle bodies fit 1986-present Mustangs and are made by top manufacturers in the industry, including SVE, BBK Performance, Ford Performance, and Accufab. They are offered in silver, black, and polished finishes to add a great look to your engine bay.

Pair your Mustang throttle body up with a performance plenum or cold air intake to get the most out of your motor. Don't forget to pick up new Mustang throttle body gaskets, adapters, and EGR spacers to make your installation quick and easy!

Shop LMR for a performance Ford Mustang GT throttle body to increase performance and throttle response! These easily bolt on for instant power gains! These throttle bodies fit Mustang 5.0L, 4.6L, Mustang V6, Mustang GT350, plus many more.

What Is A Throttle Body On A Mustang?

All EFI 1986-Present Mustangs will be equipped with a throttle body. This Mustang Throttle Body will be the main metering device that allows airflow into the engine. In most cases, your Mustang Throttle body also incorporates engine sensors like your throttle position sensor and idle air control valve. When you press down on your accelerator pedal inside of the vehicle a cable or an electrical signal in some year ranges opens an internal blade allowing air to enter the intake manifold.

Aftermarket Mustang Throttle Body's can be offered in many different sizes and finishes to offer you superior performance and underhood aesthetics!