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S197 Mustang Trunk Release Kit Installation (2005-09)

Last Updated 3/9/2020 by Jeff Jimenez

Can't believe Ford left out the trunk release button on the 05-09 S197 Mustangs? We can't either! Luckily there is an easy fix. Follow along as we walk you through the center console trunk release button install!

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Like just about every new owner of a 2005-09 Mustang, I went hunting for the trunk button in the car only to find that Ford failed to put one in the car in the first place. Sure the button is on the keyfob, but what if it turns up missing or you don’t have it with you? Luckily, I wasn't the only one who felt this way and there is now a quick and easy solution for us!

We offer a 05-09 Mustang trunk release that requires no cutting or modifying and takes roughly 15 minutes to install. Out of the box, you will find the button already attached to its bezel with the wiring ready to go, as well as some zip ties and wire taps for installation.

The console is surprisingly easy to disassemble. The first step is to remove the two phillips screws located under the console lid at the far rear of the console. I am pointing at one of them for reference below.

S197 Mustang Trunk Release Kit Installation (2005-09) - s197 mustang trunk release button install

Next, pull your emergency brake handle up as far as it will go and if you have a manual car, twist your shift knob counter clockwise to remove the knob. If you have an automatic such as with this particular car, remove the plastic bezel from around the shifter. Once those are out of the way, you can now lift straight up and your console top will come off. Try to keep it flat so it is easier to fish it off of the emergency brake handle.

With the top of the console removed, you will now need to remove the passenger side dash bezel. All you need to do is pull towards yourself, and it will simply come unclipped.

S197 Mustang Trunk Release Kit Installation (2005-09) - s197 mustang trunk release button install

Once this is removed, move your attention back to the storage area of the console where you will need to pry the emergency brake access out. A flat head screw driver makes quick work of this. Now you are ready to start running the wiring for the switch. The long red wire needs to be fished through the console. In the bottom corner of the picture, you can see where I pulled the wire through for reference. Once you have ahold of it at this point, you will continue to pull it through the console, and the side area of the dash to the glove box area.

You will now need to run the black wire to its location. At this point, pull the supplied wire connector out of the package. This piece allows you to splice without cutting anything. You will need to clip it onto the black wire next to the yellow arrow below. This wire can be found where the cup holders usually sit. Once that is clipped into place, insert the end of the black wire into the side of the clip.

Once you have done this, I recommend pulling the red and black wires tight, and using one of the supplied zip ties to hold them on your power supply wiring. Without this, if there is enough slack in the wires, they can get hung up on the emergency brake handle. You can also go ahead and pop your new switch into place at this time.

S197 Mustang Trunk Release Kit Installation (2005-09) - s197 mustang trunk release button install

Once this part of the installation is complete, you can now finish running your red wire to its location. Here you can see it being ran up the trans tunnel behind where the dash bezel we removed belongs.

At this point, you need to remove the contents in the glove box, and press in the sides of the glove box to release it and allow it to relax in the fully open position exposing the dash components behind it. Here I elected to use two more zip ties and simply tied the red wire to some existing wires behind the glove box. You can also zip tie it to the antenna cable that is there as well if you would like. The key to this is to keep the wire from getting caught on the glove box when its being opened and closed. Once its secured, you will now need to remove the scuff plate and lightly pull the carpet back. This will expose where you need to tie in this red wire. Fish the red wire behind the kick panel, and it will appear where this bundle of wires is located.

Now that you have the red wire routed to this location, you will need to locate the wire that must be tapped. On an 05-06 car, it is a white wire with a pink stripe as seen in the photo below. 2007 and newer utilize a different color wire for this in their harness, so refer to the detailed schematic in the instructions for your application to know what color to look for.

S197 Mustang Trunk Release Kit Installation (2005-09) - s197 mustang trunk release button install

Once you have located this wire, take the remaining wire tap, and clip it to this wire. After it is clipped in place, simply plug the red wire into the side and tuck it away under the carpet. Now is the time to test the switch while everything is apart. Once you confirm all is working like it should, its time put the car back together.Replace all of the interior components in the same fashion as you removed them.Thats it! You are done. Once installed, it should like like the photo below. No more hunting for the key or key fob!

S197 Mustang Trunk Release Kit Installation (2005-09) - 05-09 mustang trunk release button installation s197

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