SVT Lightning JLT Oil Separator Installation (99-04)

Posted 11/24/2014 by BRYAN MERTZ

Watch us install a JLT oil separator on a 2nd Gen SVT Lightning. A must have mod for supercharged trucks!

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This is quite possibly one of the easiest installations you can do to your second generation Ford SVT F-150 Lightning. This install takes less than 30 minutes and will help prevent performance-robbing oil vapor from entering your intake system. Oil vapor will contaminate your air charge, lower octane levels and clog your intercooler. This will not only hurt your performance, but can also cause serious engine damage if you let this continue for a long period of time!

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That is where JLT comes to the rescue with their oil separators, built specifically for the 99-04 supercharged 5.4L SVT Lightning. The JLT oil separator features an aluminum construction that includes all needed hardware and hoses you need for a simple installation. The aluminum container helps to collect the oil vapor that attempts to enter your intake system.

Needed Tools:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Drill with 9/32 drill bit

SVT Lightning JLT Oil Separator Installation

Step 1:
Start by removing the vacuum hose from the PCV and supercharger plenum.

Step 2:
Next, install the short hose to the JLT oil separator fitting marked with a “J,” and the long hose that connects to the other side of the separator marked with a “T.” You will re-use the plastic coupler, and attach it to the short hose.

Step 3:
The next step is to attach the bracket to the top of the separator with the 2 fine-threaded screws supplied with the part. The small Phillips screwdriver will take care of that. Place the oil separator against the plastic wire loom at the top of the firewall, and mark it with a center punch, scratching awl, or magic marker.

Step 4:
Drill the holes with a 9/32 drill bit while being very cautious to not go too deep. The course thread screws will secure the JLT part to the wire loom. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws.

Step 5:
The short hose will attach to the PCV that is located right above the valve cover, and the long tube will be attached to the supercharger plenum. Fire up your Ford SVT Lightning Truck and check for vacuum leaks!


About the Video

Ford SVT Lightning JLT Oil Separator Installation (99-04 Passenger Side)

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Published on 2014-08-11
Installing a JLT Oil Separator will help keep un-wanted oil vapor from entering your intake system. This oil vapor is extremely detrimental to forced induction vehicles such as the Ford SVT Lightning! This oil vapor can and will collect in the intercooler. Over time this vapor begins to clog the air passages and reduce the cooling abilities of your intercooler.

This makes a quality oil separator a must when on your F-150 Lightning! The JLT Oil Separator is available in a black or silver anodized version that will not only perform well but it will also look good under your hood. Each Lightning oil separator includes all needed hoses & hardware to finish off the installation in no time.

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What's up everyone? It's Landan with And today, I'm going to show you how to prevent oil vapor from entering your intake, clogging your inner cooler, and robbing your Lightning of precious horsepower. Because of JLT's oil separator kits, keeping that unwanted oil vapor out of your intake system is extremely easy.

These kits come in a black or clear anodized finish version, include all needed hardware, and installation instructions. Now, let's go ahead and jump over here to my 2000 SVT Lightning. And let me show you how easy this install is.

Start by removing the factory vacuum line in the PCV and supercharger plug-in. Or if you have a makeshift separator like myself, remove it the same way. Next, install the included short vacuum hose on the side with the J.

Attach the included longer hose to the side with the T. You will reuse the plastic coupler. Attach this to the other end of the short vacuum hose. Next, you will attach the bracket to the top of the oil separator with the tow fine thread screws. Place the bracket against the plastic wire loom cover and mark the holes with the center punch or marker.

Drill the holes with a 9/32 drill bit. Be careful not to poke any wires behind the plastic wire loom cover. Next, install the oil separator with the two coarse thread screws. Connect the short hose to the PCV which is directly above your valve cover and the long hose to the supercharger plug-in.

And there you have it. Installation took me just under 15 minutes. For more Lightning how-tos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and head over to to check our great selection of restorations and performance mods for your SVT lightning.

SVT Lightning JLT Oil Separator Installation (99-04) Tech Info

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