Ford Lightning Headlights Installation Instructions (93-95)

Posted 4/19/2017 by Tyler Rodriquez

If your 1993-1995 Ford Lightning headlights are worn, cracked, or discolored, pick up a new set from LMR and follow this quick and easy install guide to get them replaced!

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If you are needing to replace your 1993-1995 Ford Lightning headlights, Late Model Restoration walks you through the easy process!

Tools you will need:
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench
  • 8mm Socket
  • 11mm Socket

Step 1:
Pop the hood and remove the 5 phillips head retaining screws that hold the grille into the header panel. 4 across the top and 1 underneath the emblem.

Step 2:
Remove the 4 phillips head retaining screws that hold the headlight bezels into the header panel.

Step 3:
Pull forward on the grille and set it aside.

Step 4:
Remove 7 of the 8mm retaining bolts holding the header panel to the core support.

Step 5:
Disconnect the headlight electrical connectors.

Step 6:
Starting on the passenger side, locate the two 11mm side marker retaining nuts & remove.

Step 7:
Disconnect the sidemarker and park light connections and remove the headlight bezel with the sidemarker and park light attached, off the truck.

Step 8:
Remove the 4 remaining header panel bolts (2 per side)

Step 9:
Ensure all electrical connections have been dettached and remove the header panel from the car, setting it on an old towel or blanket. Take this time to clean any dirty surfaces.

Step 10:
Remove the 3 headlight retaining clips from the retaining studs and remove the headlight from the header panel.

Step 11:
Adjust the studs on the new headlights so that they are properly aligned when you install them on the truck.

Step 12:
Reposition the header panel onto the truck & tighten the 4 previously removed bolts.

Step 13:
Remove the two 11mm retaining screws on the sidemarker and remove from the headlight bezel.

Step 14:
Remove the phillips head screws securing the park light to the headlight bezel.

Step 15:
Using the previously removed hardware, start cutting new threads into your new lights

Step 16:
Position the new park light into the bezel and tighten down the hardware securing the light into place.

Step 17:
Position the new sidemarker into the bezel and tighten down the hardware securing the light into place.

Step 18:
Position the headlight bezel into place and reconnect the electrical connections. (If the headlights are misaligned, pull the assembly out, and make the necessary adjustments)

Step 19:
Once everything is in position and is straight, tighten down the two retaining screws and the 11mm retaining bolts behind the bezel.

Step 20:
Reinstall the rest of the previously removed header panel bolts.

Step 21:
Re-position the grill and tighten its hardware.

Step 22:
Plug in all of your disconnected connectors and check for operation.

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