Ford Lightning Tail Light Installation Instructions (93-95)

Posted 4/19/2017 by Tyler Rodriquez

If your 1993-1995 Ford Lightning tail lights are worn, cracked, or discolored, pick up a new set from LMR and follow this quick and easy install guide to get them replaced!

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If you are needing to replace your 1993-1995 Ford Lightning tail lights, Late Model Restoration walks you through the easy process!

Tools you will need:
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Microfiber Towel

Step 1:
Remove the two outer screws on the tail light.

Step 2:
Lower the tailgate, and remove the two inner screws while holding the light with your other hand.

Step 3:
Pull the light from the bedside and turn the bulb sockets counter-clockwise to remove the bulbs from the light.

Step 4:
Take this time to clean the bedside contact points.

Step 5:
Take the new tail light and wipe down the inside edge that will contact the bedside with alcohol.

Step 6:
Peel the backing from the foam seal and firmly press the seal to the tail light edge so that it adheres to the tail light.

Step 7:
Reinstall the bulbs, rotating clock-wise.

Step 8:
Position the light into place and tighten down the four tail light screws, making sure not to overtighten. Test for operation and you are done!

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