Ford Lightning Wheel Offset Guide

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When searching for a wheel for your 1993-2004 Ford Lightning, it is important to get the correct backspacing and offset correct for the best overall fitment.

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  • Ford Lightning Wheel Offset Guide

Lightning Wheel Offset

Having the correct wheel offset and backspace is paramount not only to your vehicle's performance but to your car's or truck's overall appearance! We’ve all seen those Lightning or other vehicles where the wheels are sunk into the wheel wells, looking like spare tires on all four corners. Nobody wants that. We’ve also seen trucks with what appears to be wide wheels installed when in reality, the wheel and tire combo just has the wrong specs! Ultimately, wheel placement on your Lightning is critical not only for looks but the best overall handling and performance!

When you follow manufacturers’ specifications on offset and backspacing, you can have improved handling, less stress on suspension components, and even wider wheel widths can be installed for the highly sought-after staggered look on your Ford Lightning or other vehicles!

How to measure wheel offset:

The offset of a Lightning wheel is the distance from the hub mounting surface (where the wheel bolts to the car) to the centerline of the wheel. By centerline of the wheel we mean that if you were to split the wheel's width in half, it would be directly in the middle of the barrel of the wheel. (See detailed diagrams below). This is an important measurement to keep an eye on when choosing your next set of Lightning wheels. There is a fine line between too much and too little offset. If this is improperly calculated, the overall wear/tear on tires, bearings, and suspension can suffer. The wheel offset is measured in millimeters and is calculated in three different ways:

The Three Types of Offset

Negative Offset: The hub mounting surface is closer to the back portion of the wheel. This will result in greater clearance for aftermarket suspension and will provide you with a wider overall stance.
Zero Offset: The hub mounting surface is even with the wheel's centerline.
Positive Offset: The hub mounting surface is closer to the face of the wheel. This will result in extra outer fender and quarter panel clearance to help eliminate tire rubbing problems.

Ford Mustang Wheels Offset Guide - Ford Mustang Wheels Offset Guide

Lightning Wheel Backspacing

The Lightning wheel backspacing is measured from the back portion of the wheel to the hub surface of the wheel, where it bolts to the car. Backspacing is always measured in inches and is closely related to the offset, meaning it immediately affects the other when you change one.

This is extremely important because it determines the distance between the wheel and the wheel well. This dimension also will directly affect how much the wheel will stick out past the fender or how far the wheel will sink into the fender well. You can measure a wheel’s backspacing by running a straight edge across the wheel bead and dropping another straight edge down to the wheel face. Then grab a measuring tape or ruler and measure the distance. This may be easier performed with two rulers.


Ford Mustang Wheels Offset Guide - Ford Mustang Wheels Offset Guide

Lightning Bolt Patterns

The bolt pattern is the diameter of the circle made by the centers of your Lightning's wheel lugs. Ford used several options with offset and backspacing over the years, depending on the year and model. The list below will cover the details and differences of the wheel offset, backspacing, and wheel size. When selecting wheels from, you never have to worry about buying the wrong wheel with incorrect bolt patterns! We only offer the correct specifications needed for a hassle-free installation!

YearStock Wheel SizeStock Bolt PatternStud SizeOffset
1993-1995 Ford Lightning 17X8"5"x5.5"1/2"x20mm0mm
1999-2004 Ford Lightning 18X9.5"5"x114.3mm1/2"x20mm35-50mm

Having the proper knowledge before you purchase aftermarket wheels for your car can save you not only money but will save valuable time and reduce frustration! Though this article highlights the Ford Lightning, anyone can learn from this priceless content when upgrading your car or truck!

Looking for 1993-2004 Lightning Wheel installs or guides? Check out our tech section for more info!

As always, for more informative automotive articles, keep it here with the real Lightning and Mustang enthusiasts,!

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