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Fox Body Fuel Pump Relay Locations (79-93 Mustang)

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

LMR's quick location guide will help you find exactly where your Fox Body Mustang fuel pump relay locations are depending on your specific year model.

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Fox Body Mustang Fuel Pump Relay Locations - Fox Body Mustang Fuel Pump Relay Locations

A big issue that many Fox Body Mustang owners have is finding their Fox Body fuel pump relay locations. It is good to know that depending on the year, the fuel pump relay will be located in different areas. So, we at LMR have provided a quick location guide. This will consist of the different locations and the year models that are associated with them!

Fox Body Mustang Fuel Pump Relay Locations - Fox Body Mustang Fuel Pump Relay Locations

1986-91 Fox Body Mustangs

For 1986-91 Mustang year models, the Fuel Pump relay location is located under the driver's seat area. This tends to be the usual location across the board. So, placement of this relay doesn’t get more in-depth until you get to the 1992-93 year models. Check out our 86-91 fuel pump relay for sale!

1992-93 Fox Body Mustangs

For 1992-93 Mustang year models, the location for the fuel pump tends to be located under the MAF (Mass Air Flow). In some cases, we have heard that some of the earlier 92’ Mustang year models can still have them under the driver seat. So, we advise you to check both spots just to make 100% sure. For example, if your car has 2 relays near the MAF sensor instead of just 1 then you most likely have the later 92’-year model. If you are needing this fuel pump relay for your 1992-93 Mustang, check it out here!

We hope that this short, but informative article listing the different Fox Body Fuel Pump Relay Locations makes life a little easier for you!

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