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Tail Light Lens Fitment For Your Fox Body Mustang

Created by Taylor Ward
Date Created: 5/13/2020
Last Updated: 5/17/2021

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When swapping taillights on a Fox Body, there are a few different styles that you can choose from. The main fitment difference between 1983-86 and 1987-93 is going to be the area where the bottom of the tail light lens meets the rear bumper. The top of the 1987-93 rear bumper extends 1/2" further than the 1983-86 rear bumper. This is usually brought to light when trying to install 83-86 taillight lenses onto an 87-93 model Fox. You will most likely notice a 1/2" difference as stated below. This 1/2" difference is nothing to be too concerned about as the 1993 Cobra was made the same way directly from Ford. We also have our How To Install Fox Body Mustang Tail Light Lens article to better help you!

Fox Body Tail Light Lens Fitment - Fox Body Tail Light Lens Fitment

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