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How To Lower 2nd Gen Ford Lightning | 99-04

Follow along as Late Model Restoration walks you through the easy steps of lowering a 1999-2004 2nd Gen Ford Lightning.

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Lowering your Gen 2 Ford Lightning is a great way to achieve better handling & a more aggressive stance. With coil springs in the front and leaf springs in the back, a Lightning suspension isn't too complicated and the process is quite simple. Follow along as we show you how to lower a Ford Lightning.

Tools Needed

  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Basic Hand Tools

Step 1:

We are going to start with the rear. Raise the truck by placing a jack under the differential and jacking the truck up until the frame is able to rest on jack stands. Let the differential drop down to release pressure off of the springs.

Step 2:

Locate the shackles holding the leaf springs in place & remove the top and bottom bolts. Remove the shackle from the truck

Step 3:

Install the new drop shackles in the same orientation of the stock ones using the factory hardware.

Step 4:

Once the shackles are torqued down to spec, you can raise the differential back up, remove the jack stands, and slowly lower the truck back down.

--This will complete the rear section --

Step 5:

Jack up the front of the truck and place a jack stand under the truck.

Step 6:

Remove the wheel and place a jack under the control arm. Jack it up as high as possible without lifting it off the jack stand to compress the spring.

Step 7:

Remove the clips holding the brake lines in place. There will be one on top of the shock and one on the control arm.

Step 8:

Remove the top shock bolts and the two smaller bottom bolts to remove the shock from the vehicle.

Step 9:

Remove the ball joint nut & swaybar endlink nut.

Step 10:

Slowly lower the jack so that the spring decompresses and it bottoms out.

Step 11:

Using a hammer, tap the control arm to disconnect the ball joint from the spindle. Make sure to keep your jack under the control arm to keep the control arm from falling to the ground. Using a jack will make this process easier by slowly lowering the control arm down.

Step 12:

Once the spring is able to be removed, replace it with your new lowering spring and reverse the removal process for reinstallation.
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