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2015-16 Mustang Anchor Room Smoke Tint Kit Installation Instructions

Posted 12/7/2016 by Dustin Leathers

Add an aggressive, and stealthy look to your 2015-16 Mustang without ruining your lights with the Anchor Room Smoke Tint Kit!

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Tools Required

  • Microfiber towel
  • Water/dish soap mixture in spray bottle
  • Water in spray bottle
  • Heat gun

Installation Instructions

  1. Spray the light housing with the water/soap mixture until coated liberally
  2. Remove the backing from the light tint, and spray with the water/soap mixture
  3. Apply the tint to the light housing, and center the tint
  4. While holding the tint in place, spray the tint with the water (only) spray bottle washing off the soapy mixture
  5. Use your microfiber towel to remove as much water as possible from the tint, and surrounding areas
  6. Using a heat gun, apply heat to the light tint, and ensure the tint film lays down evenly, and flush
  7. Repeat for the other light
These Instructions Will Apply For All Light Housings
Installation Instructions Provided By Anchor Room
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