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How To Install Mustang Fuel Pressure Regulator

Perform a Mustang fuel pressure regulator install with Late Model Restoration's step by step installation instructions!

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A Mustang fuel pressure regulator is a vital part of your fuel system. Whether you are replacing a faulty regulator or upgrading to an adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Late Model Restoration's easy to follow installation instructions will help get yours installed!

Tools Needed:

  • Teflon Tape

Step 1:
Disconnect your negative battery terminal.
Step 2:
Find the Schrader valve on your fuel rail and relieve pressure by pushing down on the valve. (Use rags to prevent fuel from spraying everywhere)
Step 3:
Locate the vacuum hose at your factory fuel regulator and remove it.
Step 4:
Remove the fuel regulator by removing the screws holding the regulator to the fuel rail and slowly pulling up on the regulator. Some engines may require the removal of the upper intake manifold plenum.
Step 5:
If installing a BBK adjustable fuel regulator, decide whether or not you will be using the fuel pressure gauge port. If not used, it should be plugged using the supplied brass fitting and a small amount of Teflon tape.
Step 6:
Make sure the o rings are in place and the rubber gasket is in place before installing the new regulator. If the stock regulator had no rubber gasket installed, discard the supplied gasket.
Step 7:
Install the new regulator using the stock hardware and reattach the vacuum line and the negative battery terminal.
Step 8:
Start the vehicle and check for any leaks. To adjust fuel pressure, disconnect the vacuum hose and plug temporarily to avoid a vacuum leak. Restart the vehicle and adjust the top adjustment screw in or out to raise or lower the fuel pressure. Once the desired pressure is reached, tighten the lock-nut and reconnect the vacuum line to the regulator.