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Ford Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 11/5/2020

Having trouble deciding what 4 lug wheels to add to your Mustang? Let Late Model Restoration explain your wide variety of options, specs, and details.

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  • Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options
Adding a new set of wheels to your Fox Body is a great way to give your Mustang a great new look. When it comes to 4 lug setups, there are plenty of wheels to choose from. Follow along as we review some of the most popular Fox Body 4 lug wheels.

Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

TRX R390 Style Wheels

The Mustang TRX wheels were one of the most popular wheels for Fox Mustangs back when they were introduced and even still today. These were the top performance-oriented wheel option available at the time. However, the unique size made tire options very limited. The original TRX wheel measured 390mm in diameter and 150mm wide. This measured out to 15.35" by 5.9" and explains the limited tire options. To this day, the only tire option is the Michelin TRX tire. A set of these tires can cost in excess of two grand. LMR is now proud to offer our 1979-1993 Mustang TRX style wheel to provide Mustang and Capri owners an original style wheel with cheaper tire options! This new 5.0Resto TRX Mustang wheel features a 16" diameter and a 7" width. This will fill out your wheel wells better, but more importantly provide a vast improvement in tire options. No more shelling out $500+ per tire just to keep a period correct look on your Fox. This wheel comes in an OE style machined finish with clear coat protection. Original style, exposed lug center caps are included for a look that's as close to original possible.


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

1993 Cobra R Style Wheels

Modeled after the rare 1993 Cobra R, these wheels are sure to transform the look of your Fox! The 1993 Mustang Cobra R was an extremely rare car with just 107 units made. This car was built for the track and was the original Cobra R Mustang. The R model had many functional features throughout the car and one of the most important was the Cobra R wheels. These wheels were designed to clear the 13" 5-lug Cobra brakes featured on the R model. This wheel is available in black painted face with machined lip and cap area similar to the R. This wheel is also available in a silver painted finish just like the factory 1994/95 Mustang GT Tri-Bar wheels came in. Choose from a variety of size options that range in 17x8, 17x9 or stagger your sizes with one of our 17x8/9 wheel or wheel and tire kits!


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

Mustang Pony Wheels

From 1991 to 1993 Ford equipped many of it's Fox Body Mustangs with a stylish 5 spoke wheel design known as the "Pony" wheel. Since it's debut the Pony wheel has been a popular design among Mustang enthusiasts for it's basic design and clean looks. Pick them up in a silver or chrome finish to give your Fox Body a great factory upgraded look! Made of cast aluminum, this 1 piece wheel is painted silver to add great styling to any color 79-93 hatch, convertible, or coupe Mustang. Weighing in at around 20 lbs, it is lighter than most aftermarket wheels to keep your Fox lightweight. This wheel is finished off with a matching Ford Licensed center cap.


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

Saleen SC Wheels

Get the sleek looks of the road racing 80's Saleen Mustang on your Fox Body with these 79-93 Saleen SC Mustang wheels. Choose chrome, silver or black Saleen wheels to give your Fox Body a sleek new look that is sure to turn heads. Get a set of deep dish 17x8/17x9/17x10 combo Mustang Saleen wheels for a more custom, sinister look. Pick them up in a silver, black, and chrome finish to match any Fox Body color.


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

1993 Cobra Wheels

The 1993 Mustang Cobra was the highlight of the last year of Fox Body Mustang. The popular wheels found on these Cobras were highly sought after by the Mustang community. The backspacing on the factory 1993 Cobra wheels will not fit a GT or LX, so these reproduction Mustang 93 Cobra wheels were produced to fix that problem. Offered in bright chrome or silver paint, like the originals, for a factory style look. Do you have a 5 lug conversion kit and still want the Cobra fan blade look? We do offer 5 lug 93 Cobra wheels! These wheels are a perfect options for Mustangs that have a 5 lug disc conversion and they will clear Cobra brakes!!! Remember, these 1993 Cobra wheels are directional just like the originals so make sure the fan blades are facing the right way!


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

1995 Cobra R Wheels

Although the original 95 Cobra R wheels were a 5-lug design aftermarket vendors soon developed a 4-lug version for the Fox body Mustang owners. These wheels have been a popular upgrade for 1979-1993 Mustang owner for the aggressive style and clean looks. Available in silver and chrome, these wheels are certain to make your Mustang turn heads!


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

10th Anniversary Cobra Wheels

Give your Fox Body the same great looks as the 10th Anniversary Cobra with a set of 4-lug 1979-1993 10th Anniversary wheels. These 14 spoke wheels are the perfect way to give your Fox Body an updated, modern look. Available in anthracite, chrome, flat black, and matte black finishes, it's easy to get the perfect match for your specific paint job. Add a more aggressive look with the staggered deep dish setup of the 17x9-17x10 combo


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

2003 Cobra Wheels

The 03 Mustang Cobras were legendary for many reasons, supercharged power, 6 speed transmissions, handling prowess, and a great looking 5 spoke wheel. These wheels were so popular that many enthusiasts of the earlier 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustangs wanted them for their cars. Now available in 4 lug configuration, you can have just that! Finished in chrome or painted black, the 03 Cobra 4-lug wheel is an awesome addition to your 1979-1993 Mustang Fox Body!


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

Weld Draglite Wheels

Keep your Fox Body Mustang looking aggressive at the track while reducing weight with a set of 1979-1993 Mustang Weld Racing Draglite wheels. These wheels are high performance drag wheels that feature a smaller width in the front of less weight and a wide width in the rear for drag radial and slick tires. With the combination of less weight, more traction, and great looks, these wheels are the perfect upgrade for your drag racing Mustang!


Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options - Mustang 4 Lug Wheel Options

Weld RT-S S71 Wheels

Late Model Restoration is proud to offer one of the hottest wheels in the drag racing scene! The 1979-1993 Mustang Weld Racing RT-S S71 wheels are by far one of the best looking and best performing wheels you can buy. With ridiculously good looks and light as a feather weight, you can transform the looks and performance of your Mustang with the twist and turn of a few lug nuts. Featuring the classic 5-spoke design that Weld Racing is known for, these wheels are reminiscent of the classic Weld wheels we all know and love. These 3-piece modular wheels have a black anodized face contrasted by a high polished lip that's sure to transform the look and feel of your Mustang. With a specially welded shell, these wheels are ready to handle anything you can throw at them. We have the Weld RT-S S71 wheels you need to transform the look and feel of your Fox Mustang.