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How To Swap Mustang AOD to T5 Transmission: Stage 1

In stage 1 of our Mustang T5 conversion, we tackle the task of tearing down your Fox Body interior to prep it for your conversion.

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To start off our Mustang T5 conversion, we first wanted to tear down the interior of our Fox Body and get it prepped for the big tasks ahead. This is relatively easy and can be done with common tools.

While removing all of your parts, make sure to keep up with what went where. Labeling, taking pictures, anything else you may need to do can help save time and headaches during reassembly.

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How To: Mustang AOD to T5 Transmission Swap - Part 1 (1984-1993)

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Published on 2017-01-11
One of the more popular swaps known to the Fox platform is swapping the boring AOD automatic transmission for that of a T5. Now granted, we all prefer our own setups, and that's totally fine. But, let's be honest? Bangin' gears in a Fox Mustang is about as American as you can get!

Part one will cover interior tear down such as removing the center console, seats, gauge removal and steering column removal. This video series will cover 1984 to 1993 5.0L Fox Body Mustangs equipped with an AOD transmission.
How's it going everyone? Landan with Late Model Restoration. Being real Mustang enthusiasts and more ingrained within the Fox Mustang platform than anyone else in the industry, we provide real world videos. Speaking of those videos, how does a general breakdown and understanding of swapping an automatic AOD transmission to a T5 transmission sound? You heard it right! I'm going to show you the basic steps and general procedures required to swap that AOD equipped five point oh liter Fox to a T5.

One of the more popular swaps known to the Fox platform is swapping the boring AOD automatic transmission for that of a T5. Now granted, we all prefer our own setups, and that's totally fine. But, let's be honest? Bangin' gears in a Fox Mustang is about as American as you can get!

Now, I am going to break this up into a multi-part series to give you guys a better, more thorough understanding of what this swap involves. Believe it or not, it's actually a very straightforward swap, but it will be fairly time consuming. Shooting straight from the hip here guys, I would STRONGLY recommend above-average mechanical ability and a decent set of tools before tackling this swap.

For those of you that may be wondering how much cutting and modifying is needed to make this happen; I'll be the first to tell you that only one thing is permanently modified. You'll have to make a few cuts to the floor pan and install the manual transmission tunnel hump kit. This will widen the opening and allow the lower shift boot to be installed correctly. This is not an option and is required for this swap.

Alright fellas, this video will cover part one which involves interior tear down such as removing the center console, seats and other small items; gauge removal and steering column removal. Now, a little disclosure for this entire swap. I am performing the work on a'1988 V8 coupe. So, obviously some of the steps related to interior trim pieces will differ for 1984 to 1986 cars.

Also, throughout this swap, I am going to provide you guys the needed links to the videos we have previously filmed. Such as seat removal, center console removal, the tunnel hump modification and a few others.

Okay guys, to get things started, position the car into a work area with some decent room. Disconnect the negative battery cable and then prepare yourself for interior teardown. I would start with the center console.

Pry up on the shifter bezel and set it aside. This is longer needed since the manual bezel is different. Once that is out of the way, remove the four retaining screws that secures the gear select cover. Now, slide the shifter handle into first gear. The next steps involve center console removal. Those steps can be viewed by clicking the link in the description or the card in the upper right hand corner on your screen.

Both the driver and passenger side seats are secured to the floor pan with two nuts and two bolts per side. For reference, click the removal video in the description or the card.


With the seats out of the way, remove the driver and passenger side scuff plates and kick panels. Then remove the seat belt buckles from the floor pan. With those out of the way, remove the carpet from the car.

Now that the carpet is out of the way. It's time to address the dash area. These next few steps will differ from eighty-four to eighty-six since this car is an eighty-eight. For eighty-seven to ninety-three owners, remove the headlight and hazard switches. This is done by carefully releasing the small retaining tabs located on the sides of the switches.

Pull the switches forward and then disconnect the electrical connections. Now, remove the retaining hardware securing the cluster surround and then set this aside. Remove the four retaining screws that secure the gauge cluster to the dash. Carefully pull the cluster forward and disconnect the electrical connections.

To remove the speedo cable, squeeze the plastic retainer inward and pull out on the cable. This will free it from the back of the cluster. Set the cluster aside.

Moving underneath the dash. Remove the two steering column to dash retaining nuts that are closest to the firewall. Then, remove the two nuts securing the hood release cable bracket. Slide the bracket off of the studs and position it out of the way.

Remove the remaining two nuts and the column will start to come free. Remove the lower dash support bar and then use a few zip ties to help hold the column. Remove all of the electrical connections associated with the steering column.

In the engine bay, locate the steering column to steering shaft retaining hardware. Use a combination of a long extension, a ratchet and a box end wrench to remove the hardware. Set the hardware aside.

While you're in the engine bay, go head and carefully pull the speedo cable out from the dash. Also, remove the factory grommet. This hole will now service the clutch cable and firewall adjuster.

Back inside the car, pull out on the steering column. It will more than likely come out in two pieces. Set this stuff aside. Lastly, get the floor defrost vent out of the way by removing the small retaining screw.

Alright guys, that completes part 1 of the AOD to T5 swap. Be sure and keep track of all of the hardware and items that you remove. If it helps, write stuff down, take pictures, or do whatever you feel is necessary to help you remember where stuff goes.

Pretty much all of the needed parts are currently available on our site, LMR.com. The only part that is currently unavailable at this time is the pedal assembly. These can be sourced from your local salvage yard. For a complete parts list, check out the link in the description.

Until I address part two of the swap, be sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already. You know what to do by now guys, keep it right here with the real Fox Mustang enthusiasts, LMR.com!