Mustang Fuel Tank Capacity

Ever wonder how much fuel your Mustang's fuel tank can hold? Check out LMR's article explaining 79' - Current Fuel Tank Capacity for each year.

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Below we at LMR have listed the fuel tank capacities for each Mustang year starting from 1979 to 2020. This is to show how much it has improved over the years from 11.5 gal at years 1979-1980 to as much as 16 gal from 2005-2020. Ford is constantly trying to innovate and find ways to increase fuel capacity without sacrificing the improved performance upgrades year after year.

Mustang Fuel Tank Capacities - Mustang Fuel Tank Capacities

Ford Mustang Fuel Tank Capacties

Year ModelFuel Tank Capacity
197911.5 (12.5 gal for 2.3 turbo, 2.8 V-6, & 5.0 V-8)
198011.5 (12.5 gal for 2.3 turbo, 2.8 V-6, & 4.2 V-8)
198112.5 Gallons
1982-199715.4 Gallons
1998-200415.7 Gallons
2005-201416 Gallons
2015-202315.5-16 Gallons Motor Company