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Top Mustang Mods Under $100

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 9/26/2021

If you are wanting affordable, but beneficial upgrades for your 1979-current Mustang check out our article listing the top Mustang mods under $100!

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Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

Mustang Shorty Antennas

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $14.99!*

Replace your stock antenna with this affordable, but efficient alternative like a Mustang Shorty Antenna! This replacement brings with it a shorter, cleaner replacement with an easy install. This can be installed in minutes and in some areas it can affect radio reception, but we at LMR believe that the pros highly outweigh the cons!

Mustang Car Covers

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $89.99!*

Safely preserve the interior and exterior finish of your Mustang with LMR's Mustang SVE Car Covers! Utilizing a breathable 3 layer material, this cover is the perfect solution to keep your Mustang protected from harmful UV solar rays, dirt, dust, & light moisture. Sewn into the front and rear areas of the cover are urethane elastics bands to contour and hug the front and rear bumpers for a proper fitment. To further reinforce this cover, SVE added two grommets on the sides for use of a bungee strap or a cable & lock kit. Built to last in a sleek, silver finish this SVE car cover will protect your Mustang for years to come!

Mustang Floor Mats

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $65.99!*

Replace your dirty, worn out Mustang Floor Mats with a set of our quality replacement mats. Our wide collection of floor mats are offered in a variety of styles such as factory, many different colors, embroidered logos, and much more! Late Model Restoration is the place to buy your next set!

Mustang Shift Knobs

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $19.99!*

Whether you are looking for a factory replacement or improved performance, we have you covered! Our wide variety of Mustang Shift Knobs are of the highest quality and and our built by great brands such as SVE, Hurst, Ford Performance, Roush, and Steeda! We have both 5 and 6 speed options to match the correct shift pattern for your transmission.

Mustang LED Lights

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $8.99!*

Converting your lights to LEDs have never been easier with our LED light conversion kits that are offered for headlights, fog lights, and interior lighting! Replace your dim, burned out, or broken lights with Mustang LED Lights today!

Mustang Hood Struts

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $74.99!*

Mustang Hood Struts eliminate the need for that stock prop rod, provide easier access to the engine bay and upgrade the styling of your Mustang! Late Model Restoration is your one stop shop for all Mustang hood struts! Most Mustang owners spend a lot of time in the garage installing countless after-market parts which require a ton of time under the hood. Choose from manufacturers such as SVE, MRT, Redline Tuning, Ford Performance, and Steeda. LMR has the easy to install "no drill" hood struts that can be installed in under 20 minutes! The Mustang hood prop rod is becoming a thing of the past so don't get left behind and get a set of Mustang hood struts today!

Mustang Car Care

Top Mustang Mods Under $100 - Top Mustang Mods Under $100

*Prices As Low As $22.94!*

Get all of the Mustang Car Care products to wash, wax, clean or detail your Mustang at Late Model Restoration. Have your Mustang looking its best with our complete line of waterless wash soap, wax, polish, sealant, all-purpose cleaner, interior sheen, leather cleaner & conditioner, fabric protectant, odor eliminator, and microfiber towels. Keep them all organized and ready for show season in a Ford logo canvas trunk organizer. Restore those faded and oxidized headlights with LMR's headlight cleaning kit.

Our friends over at Chemical Guys have put together a detailing guide to keep your Mustang looking brand new!