A Brief History Of LMR

A brief history of the legacy of Late Model Restoration and the progression of our brand transition to LMR!

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  • A Brief History Of LMR

What does a company Powered By Enthusiasts look like?

Late Model Restoration launched into the late model Mustang aftermarket over 20 years ago in 1999 with the simple stated purpose of providing quality products and services to 1979-Present Mustang owners. While not an entirely new concept, we sought to capitalize on the emerging market that surrounded the restoration and performance hobbies of the late model Mustang. We knew these vehicles would become the new “classics” around us, eventually giving rise to over 3 decades and 4 unique platforms of Ford’s iconic American sports car.

Like any successful business story, LMR began with humble intentions and only a handful of employees. Like you, we’ve worked hard. Over the next decade and a half, we have experienced numerous expansions and exponential growth within the Late Model Restoration family. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We’ve spent years of research and keeping tabs on the ever evolving trends within our market to be able to provide the best selection and pricing on all of our Mustang and Lightning offerings.

Our dedication to our mission, our employees, and our customers has since catapulted LMR to the industry standard in 1979-Present Mustang & 1993-2004 Ford Lightning restoration and performance. We are constantly seeking better ways to bridge the gap between old and new, modified and stock, show car and project; no matter what stage you happen to be in.

What's In A Name?

LRS, LMRS, Late Model, Latemodel, Latemodel Restoration, LMR...Whichever your favorite designation, we've been known by many names and aliases throughout the industry since we first began. While none of them are wrong, LMR lends itself as the dominate acronym that all of our customers can latch onto -- Not to mention, a lot less keystrokes. Utilizing our same recognizable characters, we have shortened and simplified our branding efforts to reflect the will of our consumers and peers, and create an unparalleled shopping experience for any size project!

While the look and feel of Late Model Restoration may have progressed through the years, it’s purpose and what it stands for has remained unchanged. We don’t consider LMR a definition for brick walls and services, but rather a symbol for our customers; a representation of the thrill, passion & lifestyle of the late model Mustang and Ford Lightning. Our roots are as strong as ever, and our thirst to be competitive in the 21st century has given us the opportunity to simplify the entire process for our patrons from dream to purchase. We hope you will enjoy your experience with Late Model Restoration as much as we enjoy providing it! Being Mustang & Lightning lovers ourselves, we hope to supply a memorable shopping experience, talented employees, impeccable service, and have some fun along the way.

Our Brands

Since the beginning, 5.0 Resto has been an icon in the industry and to this day remains the only brand dedicated to the Fox Body Mustang. This flagship brand offers an ever-expanding lineup of 1000s of products catered to the 1979-86 and 1987-93 Mustang and continues its ascent as the leading restoration brand for the Fox Body platform. Through our research and development team, we are constantly growing the diverse amount of products that carry the 5.0 Resto mark and look forward to the vast selection of parts we hope to provide in the future!

In addition to 5.0 Resto, SVE (Special Vehicle Equipment) has become our go-to offering for performance, styling and custom wheels for 1979-Present Ford Mustangs. Our rendition of this classic brand is a tribute to Ford's own SVE which was the grandfather of both the SVT and SVO programs. With an emphasis on Mustang performance and styling, SVE Mustang Parts has given rise to popular offerings such as aluminum radiators, suspension components, exhaust, lighting, body components, engine dress up, brakes and more!

Our lineup of SVE Mustang Wheels have become one of the most popular mods for the late model Mustang! With a spread including the SVE Drag Wheels, SVE Drift, SVE 10th Anniversary, SVE Series 2, SVE Series 3, and many more -- These wheels provide an impressive array of styles, finishes, & sizes to craft your Mustang with the ultimate look on the streets, on the track, or at the shows! Top grade craftsmanship and materials combine in all of our one-piece, lightweight aluminum wheels. Buy them individually or as pre-packaged wheel kits and wheel & tire kits -- all available with Free Mounting & Balancing & Fast Shipping! When looking for your next set of shoes, make sure they wear nothing less than the SVE brand!

We Are LMR

Most of all, we appreciate you, our customers. From the loyal crowds who have spent countless hours under their hoods and out on the streets -- to the wide-eyed teenager who just got handed the keys to their first Mustang. It's our responsibility as fellow enthusiasts to feed the fire that surrounds this lifestyle. Like you, we want to ensure the longevity of these vehicles for decades to come, and to provide the perfect destination to all those who seek to do the same.

This is who LMR is, and what we always will be.

Powered by you. Powered by enthusiasts.

A Brief History Of LMR - A Brief History Of LMR

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