What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?

Enthusiasts wonder about the P-51 Mustang car and how it got its name from the P-51 Mustang airplane. We at LMR provide the history and specs on this vehicle.

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What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?


The Roush P-51 Mustang began in the mind of Jack Roush and was based on the famed racing giant's love for aviation and of course performance vehicles. The idea for the P-51 Mustang was based on the P-51 Mustang airplane that the United States developed to combat the German Luftwaffe. The P-51 airplane was agile and powerful and dominated the sky during World War II. In 2008 Roush Performance gave the P-51 name a new face. The Roush P-51A Mustang was born and it showcased the latest and most advanced supercharger technology of the time. Only 51 of the 2017 P 51 Mustangs were made and they were available for $42,500 plus the base price of the GT Mustang. A 2008 P 51 recently sold for $38,950 and a 2017 P 51 Mustang recently listed at nearly $100,000!

What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?


What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?

In 2008 the Mustang GT which was the platform for the P-51A was originally equipped with the 4.6L 3V engine. Roush replaced the stock engine internals with an upgraded forged steel eight-bolt crankshaft, forged aluminum pistons and forged steel H beam connecting rods. These upgrades along with aluminum upper and lower intake manifolds, an upgraded fuel system and the most up to date 2008 supercharger technology allowed the P-51 Mustang to make an impressive 510 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. All of that power was complemented by a complete Roush strut, shock and sway bar system. Stopping power was made possible by 14-inch front rotors and four-piston front calipers.

What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?

In 2017 Roush decided that it was time for a reboot of the previous one-year design of the 2008 P-51A Mustang. The S550 platform was just a couple of years into its existence but provided a great base for Roush to create another iconic one-year special Mustang. The 2017 P 51 Mustang was powered by a Roush Eaton TVS supercharged Gen 2 Coyote 5.0 capable of 727 horsepower. To ensure that the power was transferred to the ground properly, Roush utilized the 6R80 and the MT82 transmissions that were offered in the Mustangs directly from Ford. Light weight forged Weld wheels that were wrapped with 295/35/ZR 19-inch tires provided style and function.

What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?

To complement the horsepower and torque Roush needed to add the proper suspension components. The Roush track pack coil-over system that was 3 way adjustable provided the proper amount of ride quality and performance to the P 51 Mustang. With 727 horsepower Roush needed to make sure that the P51 Mustang also could slow down and stop. A specific friction performance rotor and brake pad set up was used along with Brembo calipers to allow the best performance braking possible.


What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?

The interior styling of the 2008 P 51 was very similar to the base GT Mustang but included Roush sport leather seating, P 51 embroidered floor mats, white face gauges, and a black shifter ball. The 2017 P 51 Mustang is where Roush really put some effort into creating a luxurious but sporty feel. The first thing that stands out is the Amaretto Tuscany leather seats. The matching leather door inserts accent the doors and gives the interior a P 51 Mustang a fighter plane feel. The gauge cluster is complemented by a P 51 logo and if you were not sure the P 51 interior plaque reminds you that you are inside a one of a kind Mustang. A bright red Roush shifter ball and illuminated sill plates top off the interior flair and finalize the fighter plane feel that is special to the P 51 Mustang.


The 2008 Roush P 51 Mustang's exterior was accented by P 51 specific badging on the grille, each fender, and the deck lid. The red and yellow checkered flag design stood out against the Vapor Metallic exterior paint and black grille. A matte black stripe and hood scoop gave the front end an aggressive appearance while the matte black roof nicely contrasted the Vapor Metallic paint scheme. To complete the exterior upgrade a Roush Aero package including a front fascia, chin spoiler, rear spoiler, and quarter window louvers were included. Custom hood scoop and windshield graphics along with a signature from Jack Roush himself topped off the 2008 P 51 Mustang appearance package.

What Is The P-51 Mustang Car? - What Is The P-51 Mustang Car?

In 2017 the Roush P 51 Mustang utilized some of the iconic appearance packages from the 2008 version but added a little more creativity. The grille emblem flag was utilized but the fender emblems were changed from the flag to the silhouette of the P 51 fighter plane from World War 2. The matte black hood from 2008 was replaced with a matte green hood scoop reminiscent of the military colors from World War 2. The front chin splitter was still utilized as well as the rear spoiler but the 2008 style louvers were left off of the 2017 P 51 Mustang. The rear decklid on the 2017 model included an upgraded Roush badge.

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