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2022 Late Model Restoration Cruise-In - 2022 Late Model Restoration Cruise-In

Author Bio

Neal has been writing content for Late Model Restoration for 1 year while providing tech help for 8 years. Neal has owned 1996 3.8L, 2003 3.8L (Cobra Swapped), 2003 GT, 1998 3.8L (4.6L SOHC Swapped), 1990 GT Hatchback, 1990 GT Convertible, 2006 GT Single Turbo, and 2011 Twin Turbo/Cammed GT. His passion for writing content came from his love of the Mustang and wanting to share knowledge of the Mustang. Neal has a passion for wanting to create technical and hard-to-find content for LMR customers.

Our Mission

Our company's purpose is to provide our customers and automotive enthusiasts with solution-based restoration, performance and aftermarket products of the upmost quality and a dedication to offering the best customer experience in our industry. LMR is built upon market-driven people who strive to be ingrained in the Ford Mustang and Ford Lightning lifestyle.

Our purpose has always been based on the belief that "people do business with people". As a company and true auto enthusiasts ourselves, we live and breathe the same passion for these cars; the products we offer, and the dedication we provide to supporting this lifestyle for our customers.