Fox Body 5.0 Resto Cruise Control Cable Installation (86-93)

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Date Created: 3/24/2023
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This article will look at 5.0 Resto’s cruise control cable for the 1986 to 1993 Fox Mustangs and install a cable into a 1990 GT.

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The cruise control cable on 1986 to 1993 five-liter Mustangs connects the servo actuator arm in the cruise control module located within the driver-side fender to the throttle cable clip that connects to the arm on the throttle body. This new cable from 5.0 Resto replaces a damaged, defective, or missing factory cable. It shares the exact dimensions and specs as the factory cable, including the coated sheathing, mounting cover, hold-down bracket, cable ends, and foam padding. This cable will only work with 1986 to 1993 five-liter Mustangs with factory cruise control, and in the box will be one cable and retaining hardware. You will have to remove the driver-side inner fender splash shield to access the module; check out our dedicated 1979-93 Splash Shield article for this info.

Before we begin, I would like to note that the Mustang we are working with is a factory 5-speed car. If you own an automatic transmission, there will be one additional cable on the throttle body, the TV, or the Kickdown cable. You’ll want to disconnect this from the throttle body arm for additional working room.

Tools Needed

  • Trim Removal Kit
  • Assorted Screwdrivers
  • Pick Set
  • 1/4" Drive Ratchet, Socket Set, and Extensions
  • 3/8" Drive Ratchet, Socket Set, and Extensions

  • To begin, remove the fender-to-door jamb shield.

  • Loosen and remove the two 8mm bolts securing the cruise control module to the car.

  • Maneuver the module towards you, and use this opportunity to inspect the vacuum hoses and wires for any damage.

  • Open the boot by removing one side from the push pin and then roll the cover over the module.

  • Loosen and remove the two 10mm nuts securing the cable mounting cover to the module. Blow away the dust and debris with some compressed air.

  • Carefully lift up the mounting block to expose the servo actuator, and then leave this alone for the time being.

  • Now, moving to the engine bay of the car, loosen the hose clamps and remove the air inlet tube.

  • Dislodge the throttle position sensor harness clip from the throttle cable bracket.

  • Loosen and remove the 8mm screw securing the cruise control cable hold-down bracket to the throttle cable bracket.

  • The cruise control cable is the one closest to the center of the engine. Carefully dislodge the cable clip from the ball stud on the throttle body arm

  • Loosen and remove the two 10mm bolts securing the throttle cable bracket to the intake, and bring it toward you.

  • Push the throttle cable out of the clip, and then begin feeding the cruise control cable around the back of the intake and down the firewall.

  • Pass it through the opening in the driver-side rear corner of the engine bay, and then pass it through the opening in the boot.

  • Gently move the eyelet on the cable toward the large opening in the actuator arm to remove it. Now you can fully remove the old cable from the car.

  • Pass the new cable through the boot and then the opening in the corner of the engine bay. If needed, remove surrounding components and pieces for a less restrictive path.

  • Once you make the turn towards the throttle body, make sure the cable passes over the heater hoses.

  • Align the small locating dowel on the hold-down bracket with the throttle cable bracket. Install the screw and run it down with your fingers.

  • Moving back to the module, pass the eyelet on the new cable through the large opening in the actuator arm and then make sure it engages into the metal clip.

  • Install the two nuts and run them down evenly until they’re snug; don’t over-tighten and reinstall the door jam shield.

  • To transfer the throttle cable clip, lift up the metal retaining clip with a flat-head screwdriver to remove it. Remove the cruise control & throttle cable clip from the existing cable and transfer it to the new cable in the same orientation.

  • Align the throttle cable bracket with the intake and reinstall the bolts.

  • Reinstall the throttle position sensor harness clip.

  • Reinstall the throttle cable back onto the ball stud, and reinstall the intake tube.

  • Go ahead and situate the sheathing on the new cruise control cable where it makes contact with other parts.

  • Reconnect any component that was removed for additional work room.

  • Check over your work and then reinstall the wheel. Go over a quick drive and verify the cruise control is operating correctly.

  • Then you can reinstall the splash shield, and you’re good to go!


Alright, folks! I hope this article helped you understand the cruise control cable installation process for all 1986-1993 Fox Body Mustangs.! If you need more details on this process, watch the video at the top of the page. For all things, Mustang, keep it right here with the real enthusiasts,!

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Published on 2023-03-09
Restore the operation of your cruise control equipped 1986-1993 Mustang with this 5.0 Resto cruise control cable kit! Each cable is made of durable steel braided cable with a protective rubber sleeving and foam padding to guard against excessive temperatures and abrasions. The throttle cable clip side has the factory-style ribbed end, while the module side has the correct cable end with a mounting cover. Finally, new mounting hardware is included to provide a complete solution and secure everything in place.
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