Mustang SVE Mach 1 Grille Delete Kit Install

Posted 9/18/2017 by Tyler Rodriquez

How To Install 1999-2004 Mustang SVE Mach 1 Grille Delete Kit

Tools Needed:

  • Simple Cleaning Supplies
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Ratchet
  • 7mm Socket

    Installation Instructions

    1. Loosen the 6 philips head retainers.

    2. Remove the 2 metal headlight retainers.

    3. Remove the electrical connections and take out the headlights.

    4. Carefully rotate the bumper forward to expose the 4 7mm screws securing the grille to the bumper.

    5. Remove the grille.

    6. Clean the area.

    7. Position the new delete panel in place and slide the retaining tabs into the bumper.

    8. Install the included philips head push pins.

    9. Install the new Pony emblem to header panel.

    10. Reinstall everything else in reverse format.

    About the Video

    1999-2004 Mustang SVE Mach 1 Grille Delete Kit Install

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    Published on 2016-01-27
    The SVE Mach 1 style grille delete allows the removal of the factory honeycomb grille for a unique new look on your 1999-04 Mustang. This SVE 2 piece kit includes the delete panel, grille pony and hardware. This is a quick and easy modification for your New Edge Mustang and it won't empty your wallet.

    Mustang Fitment: 1999 (99), 2000 (00), 2001 (01), 2002 (02), 2003 (03), 2004 (04) V6, GT, Bullitt, & Mach 1
    What’s happening guys? Landan here with LMR! Today I’m going to be taking a quick look and installing SVE’s Mach 1 grille delete kit fitting your 1999-04 V6 or GT Mustang!

    For years SVE products have made a name for themselves manufacturing quality Mustang components all without emptying your wallet in the process. From lightning, performance, cosmetics and wheels, SVE continues to produce some of the best Mustang parts on the market.

    Let’s be honest guys, one of the things that sticks out more than a sore thumb on a 1999-04 V6 or GT Mustang is the honeycomb grille! Luckily, it’s an easy fix! The folks over at SVE developed this budget friendly Mach 1 style grille delete kit.

    It features a high quality grille delete panel made from ABS plastic, and the correct running pony emblem. This particular grille emblem is cast metal and chrome plated to offer years of durability. All needed hardware for installation will be in the box.

    Alright guys, follow along as I walk you through the straight forward steps on installing SVE’s Mach 1 style grille panel delete kit into this 2000 Mustang GT.

    To begin installation, start by doing the obvious; pop your hood and support it via the prop rod. Loosen the 6 Phillips head retainers securing the bumper pillars and grille to the header panel. These can be a little tricky. It may help if you hold the base of the retainer while loosening the plastic screw. Once loosened, remove the push pins and set them aside. Removing the headlights helps out tremendously with this install!

    Simply pull to remove the two metal headlight retainers. Carefully pull the light forward, disconnect the electrical connections, and then set the light aside. Do the same for the other side. Carefully rotate the bumper forward to expose the four 7mm screws securing the grille to the bumper. Loosen and remove all four screws. Now you can remove the grille from the car.

    Take this time to thoroughly clean the area. The installation of the SVE grille delete panel is extremely easy thanks to the two locating tabs underneath the grille. Position the grille delete panel into place and slide the retaining tabs into the bumper. Align the holes with the bumper pillar and header panel. Install the included Phillip’s head push pins. If there is any hardware in place of the grille emblem, get it out of your way.

    Now, using the provided torque screws, secure the new pony emblem to the header panel. Reinstall any previously removed push pins and then reinstall your headlights. Close your hood and you’re all done!

    As far as installation goes guys, bet on about 30 minutes from start to finish. Really the only helpful tip on this one is, be careful not to bend the bumper too much when removing the factory honeycomb grille. Other than that, enjoy your new SVE Mach 1 style grille delete.

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