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13-14 Mustang Exhaust: Shelby GT500 Style Install

Want quad tip exhaust for your 13-14 Mustang GT or Boss 302? Watch this video to see the FRPP M-5230-MSVTCD 2013 Shelby GT500 axle back kit.

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There is no denying that the 2013 Shelby GT500 is the pinnacle of Mustang performance. It featured insane horsepower numbers, super large brakes and awesome handling. One of the most noticeable exterior features of the 2013-14 GT500 are the quad tip axle back mufflers. If you want to add this look to your 13-14 Mustang GT or Boss 302, Ford Racing has all the parts you need in one kit. The M-5230-MSVTCD FRPP exhaust kit features factory 2013 Shelby GT500 axle back mufflers, GT500 rear valance, hardware and instructions. Installation does require you to cut your rear bumper and this can be easily done in your own driveway.


Start by removing the rear plastic panel inside the trunk. It is held in with a couple of plastic nuts and a pair of push pins. Once those are out-of-the-way, lift straight up on the panel to release the clips from the underside. Then you can disconnect the wiring harness and push the rubber sealing grommet through the trunk panel. If you’re like us and really don’t like working around things, go ahead and pull the rear tires off as well.

Move on to the bumper cover and remove the screws at the rear of the wheel well along with the four push pins underneath. With those out-of-the-way the bumper fascia simply pops off. Finish up by removing your axle-back mufflers.

13-14 Mustang Exhaust Shelby GT500 Style  - 2013 gt500 axle back install


Lay the bumper cover face down on something soft, like an old blanket. Remove the two red reflectors along with the black trim filler from the bumper. Take a moment to prepare yourself to cut on your new Mustang. Luckily, Ford saw fit to bless us with the exact cut lines needed to trim the GT bumper to fit the GT500 lower valance, calming the nerves significantly!

Grab you an air powered body saw and go to work. Follow along the provided line until the lower portion of the bumper cover is cut free. Then grab you a drill with an 11/32 drill bit & drill holes at each end of the pre-marked tab slots. After that, finish cutting out all the tab slots with the body saw. Once you arrive at the fully cut stage, take & deep breath, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and go ahead and snap the 2013 GT500 rear lower valance in to place.

Before re-installing the finished bumper, go ahead and install the 2013 GT500 axle-back mufflers. They reuse the stock hangers and are a direct fit to the car & the tailpipes. Finally, hang the bumper cover back on the car. We noticed the rubber seal at the bottom of the tail lights may give us some trouble, so to make it easy we removed the tail lights before installing the bumper.


13-14 Mustang Exhaust Shelby GT500 Style  - M-5230-MSVTCD 2013 GT500 Exhaust

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2013 5.0 Mustang GT Exhaust - Shelby GT500 Style M-5230-MSVTCD

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Published on 2013-07-27
You can now have the look of the 2013 Shelby GT500 quad tip exhaust Mufflers/Axle Back for your Mustang GT, V6 and Boss 302! Thanks to Ford Racing's M-5230-MSVTCD exhaust kit, you have all the needed parts to add the killer quad tip exhaust to your 13-14 Mustang GT or Boss 302. Installation takes a couple hours and some simple cutting of your rear bumper to install the GT500 diffuser/valance.


Hey everybody, J-Mac here with our 2013 Mustang Project High Impact. Wanted to show you how we completely change the rear appearance of this car. By adding the 2013 GT500 rear valance and axle back. Now this thing looks great, sounds great, just a completely awesome kit, however you do have to cut your stock bumper cover.

Luckily, Ford showed you exactly where to cut on the backside of the bumper. This becomes a complete snap-on and axle back is a direct bolt reusing the stock hangers and it attaches to the stock tail pipes. Now check out's blog for more installation details.