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3.73 Gear Ratio Vs 4.10 Ratio

Last Updated 5/12/2020 by Taylor Ward

Ever wondered the difference between a 373 and a 410 gear ratio? We at LMR provide pros and cons to both to help make up your mind about what best suits you!

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Between theses 2 different gears, we at LMR will provide a detailed guide to better help you understand the pros and cons behind both and what is more beneficial for your needs! The amount of performance you get for the surprisingly low-cost results is a very important upgrade that every Mustang enthusiast should take advantage of.

3.73 Vs 4.10 Gears - 3.73 Vs 4.10 Gears




It really depends if you are more focused on top speed or acceleration. Use this rule of thumb: The higher the gear ratio, the easier it is to get the vehicle moving and better accelerating, but lowers top speed. Vice versa, if the gear ratio is lower it has worse acceleration but a higher top speed. So, by changing your gear ratio, no power levels are being changed, just the torque. This is why this such a good and reasonably priced upgrade because you aren’t paying the premium price for power increases but still getting the increased performance and race times that increased torque can give you.

3.73 RATIO 4.10 RATIO
Slower off the line Quicker off the line
Lower torque Higher torque
Better gas mileage Worse gas mileage
Higher top speed Lower top speed


How to tell the ratio is by the number of teeth on the driven gear (ring) divided by the number of teeth on the drive gear (pinion). For example, if the ring gear has 37 teeth and pinion has 9 teeth, the ratio is 4.11:1. So for every turn of the ring gear, the pinion will turn 4.11 times. Additionally, with a gear ratio of 373, the pinion will turn 3.73 times for one turn of the ring gears and for a 410, the pinion will turn 4.10 times.

While it might seem like higher gear ratios are the way to go, you might also want to consider that the higher the ratio is, not only will you accelerate faster, but it will also result in much higher RPMS at cruise speed. This is because the gears are working harder to push out better performance so this extra power has to come from somewhere! To keep it simple if you want a daily driver and want to save as much gas and don’t care about performance then lower gears are the way to go. On the other hand, if you don’t mind the loss in gas mileage and higher RPMs then we highly recommend a higher gear ratio such as a 4.10.

3.73 Vs 4.10 Gears - 3.73 Vs 4.10 Gears

At the end of the day it all depends on personal preference and there are many gear options to give you the ratio you need. Shop with us at LMR.com to browse our many different gear ratio options!