Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6)

Add some aggressive styling to your 2013-14 Mustang GT or V6 with a Boss 302 Chin spoiler. See the installation article here!

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Dressing up your S197 Mustang is easy to do with the help of the 2013-14 Boss 302 chin spoiler. The installation on this chin spoiler doesn’t take much time at all! While the installation can be performed with the bumper still attached to the car, the bumper cover comes off quite easily & greatly reduces the effort of installation. If you leave the bumper on the car you will have to install push pins and screws in some locations that you cannot really get to or see easily; therefore, this is why we recommend removing the bumper cover. Quick notes on the 2013 Mustang air diffuser, you will find that the air diffuser is connected to the chin spoiler under the engine. The Boss air diffuser is different (smaller and made of plastic) compared GT model diffuser.

Bumper Removal

Start by removing the plastic radiator cover. It is held in place by 7 push pins. You can simply pull up on the center pin with your fingernails or with a flathead screwdriver. With the center pin pulled up you can now pull the full pin out. Set the radiator cover aside once you remove all the pins. NOTE: There are a lot of push pins, similar screws and bolts used in the install. It is a good idea to separate and/or store each component’s hardware accordingly. Next you need to remove the upper bumper cover hardware that is located under the radiator cover. The upper bumper cover is held in place by 4 screw head push pins and 4 bolts. Simply take a Phillips head screwdriver and loosen the screw type push pin and pull up to remove. Use a socket and ratchet to remove the four 7mm bolts and you are done on the top of the bumper.

Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Install Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Install

Next you will need to jack the car up for better access to the underside of the bumper cover. With the Mustang on jack stands for safety, you can now remove the hardware holding the bumper to the wheel well liner. Remove the (3) 7mm screws holding the bumper to the wheel well. Repeat on other wheel well. Next you can move under the car. You will need to remove the rear air diffuser bolts (5 in total – 7mm). There is one on each side near the wheel well and the rest are in the center near the k member. You have now removed all mounting hardware that holds the bumper in place.

Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Install

With the hardware removed, you can now start to pull the bumper away from the car. Start by working the wheel well liner away from the bumper. The corner of the front bumper cover that attaches to the fender snaps in and out of place. Gently pull this section away from the bumper. Once you break both corners lose you can now pull up and away on the upper bumper cover to pull the bumper cover off the car. Do not pull away too hard because the Fog Lights, ambient air sensor and park lights are still connected to the wiring harness. If you have a helper, have them disconnect the harness. If not you will need to prop the bumper cover up onto something to keep it from scratching on the ground. Start with the park lights as this gives you more flexibility to reach the other harness connections. With everything disconnected you can set the whole bumper cover and air diffuser aside.

Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Install Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Install

Chin Spoiler Install

The first step in the installation process is to remove the GT air diffuser and chin spoiler. Start by removing the front six 8mm screws located just under the lower bumper grille. Next, remove the three side 7mm screws (three on both sides) on the side of the bumper cover. You can now remove the air diffuser and place it aside as you will need to come back to it later. Next remove the last two 8mm screws that were hidden by the air diffuser. They are located under the notched area of the chin spoiler – one on each side. Lastly you will need to remove the six push pins located on the inside of the bumper cover – three on each side. Simply pull up on the tab and then pull out the push pin. You can now remove the GT chin spoiler.

With the stock GT chin spoiler removed, you can now clean up the bumper cover with some detailing spray before installing the Boss Chin Spoiler. To really take the chore out of your detailing tasks, check out some of the Croftgate USA cleaning products we sell. You will now need to remove the six speed nuts off the factory GT air diffuser. Simply take a flat head screwdriver to pry them off. Next, lay the new Boss chin spoiler on the ground and set the bumper cover on top of it lining up the attachment holes. Reuse the 8mm screws that were from the original chin spoiler to hand tighten the front of the chin spoiler to the bumper cover. Do not tighten all the way you still need the chin spoiler a little lose for final adjustments. You will notice the three outer holes (where the push pins went) line up perfectly with the boss chin spoiler. Due to the differences in the factory and Boss chin spoilers the push pins will not work. You will need to take the speed nuts you removed off the factory air diffuser and install them on the bumper cover. Use the supplied screws (only included in kit) to hand tighten down the outer edges of the chin spoiler. With all the hardware hand tightened, you can now completely tighten down all the screws that hold the chin spoiler to the bumper cover.

Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Install

Now that the chin spoiler is installed you can now re-install the front bumper cover. If you are planning to add 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Brake Cooling Duct Kit, now is the perfect time to add this or any one of the 2013 Mustang grilles. Just use the bumper removal tab to help guide you back through the re-installation of the bumper cover. With the bumper cover back on the car the only thing left to do is attach the 2013 Boss air diffuser. The air diffuser has to hook tabs that help you hold it in place. Simply line up the air diffuser and the gently push in on the hook tab location (be careful not to bend it). You can now use the 7mm screws with the larger washer to tighten the rear and the corners of the air diffuser into place. Next move to the front and use the remaining 7mm screws to tight the front of the air diffuser into place. You have now completed the install. Set your Mustang back on the ground and enjoy the new look.

Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6) - Boss 302 Chin Spoiler Install

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Boss 302 Mustang Chin Spoiler Installation (2013-14 GT & V6)

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Published on 2013-09-20
Part #: LRS-17626MBK
Brand: Ford
Fits: Mustang GT, V6, Boss or California Special
Year Models: 2013 (13) - 2014 (14)

This extremely easy to install exterior mod will have your 2014 or 2013 Mustang standing out in no time!! The 2013-14 Boss 302 Chin Spoiler (Chin Splitter) Kit includes everything you need to install this chin spoiler and give your Mustang a much more aggressive appearance. Its aggressive race inspired styling will completely change the attitude of your 2013-2014 Mustang. It is constructed of black plastic & has a textured top surface. This factory Ford piece fits any 2013-2014 Mustang GT, Mustang V6, Mustang Boss 302 or Mustang California Special.

Our Kit includes the Chin Spoiler, the Air deflector shield ("belly pan"), & six new attaching screws for the front outer chin spoiler mounting (the washers on the factory screws are too large to fit the new splitter). You can re-use the rest of your stock hardware to mount up this kit. Watch the video and Jmac will show you exactly which screws you will have to replace.
A tasteful exterior appearance modification for your '13 or '14 Mustang GT is the Boss 302-style front chin splitter, also called a chin spoiler. Installation is extremely simple. It can be done in your driveway with hand tools in about 15 or 20 minutes.

Now, our kit includes the needed chin spoiler, air dam, and even the hardware because you can't reuse all of your factory screws. Let me show you how it looks installed. You can reuse all of your original hardware, save for six screws, and we provide you those six screws. They go in the outer three holes at the ends of the spoiler.

For just a few minutes of your Saturday afternoon, you can add this great-looking, subtle, exterior appearance modification. Now to grab yours, go on over to