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Flowmaster has been bringing the iconic Mustang, Lightning, or Bronco exhaust sound since the Fox Body era. Shop our complete lineup of exhaust!

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Flowmaster Exhaust

If you want to make your vechicle louder while adding horsepower, Flowmaster exhaust kits are the way to go! Whether you have a Mustang, Lightning, or Bronco, Late Model Restoration covers you with the best performance exhaust. Shop high-quality Flowmaster axle-back kits and cat back kits to give you more power, performance, and deep, new aggressive tones.

These cat back exhaust systems are offered with stainless steel tips or the popular dump-style turn-down tips to give you a perfect look. The axle back kits are offered in chrome or black finishes for a stealthy or flashy look. Don't forget to pick up a Flowmaster h-pipe, catalytic converters, headers, or even Flowmaster mufflers to finish off your exhaust system!