Ford Racing 14” Brembo Brake Kit Install (M-2300-S)

Posted 3/31/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

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With our 2014 Mustang GT project getting serious handling and performance parts thrown at it, we had to do something about those stock non-Brembo brakes! We turned to Ford Racing and installed one of their M-2300-S 14” Brembo brake kits on our project car. We also figured we would take the time to walk you through the installation process as well. So be sure to watch the video as we show you how to drastically improve the brakes on your 2005-14 Mustang!

Ford Racing 14” Brembo Brake Kit Install (M-2300-S) - M-2300-S Brembo Brake Kit

The Ford Racing M-2300-S Brake Kit includes the 4 piston Brembo brake calipers, 14” front brake rotors, a new brake hose set and a set of rear brake pads. This kit provides you with improved stopping power and enhanced styling by ditching those small and ugly factory brakes. It is a great upgrade for any Mustang V6 or GT without the Brembo package.

The kit does require 18” wheels for proper clearance. Be sure to click on the link below to shop our complete line of Mustang Performance Brake Kits!

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Ford Racing Mustang 14" Brembo Brake Kit Install - M-2300-S (05-14)

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Published on 2014-03-24
The Ford Racing M-2300-S Brembo Brake Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to improve your stopping power and enhance your styling all in one package! You will get firmer brake pedal feel and drastically reduce stopping distances with the Brembo 4 piston calipers and 14" brake rotors.

This kit also includes new Goodridge Brake Hose Kit and rear performance brake pads. This is the perfect upgrade for any 05-14 Mustang V6 or GT that didn't come with a factory Brembo Brake Upgrade or Track Pack. 5.0Resto SVE
The Ford Racing M-2300S and brake upgrade kit is intended for '05 to '14 Mustang GTs and V6s that don't have factory Brembos. The kit consists of black powder coated four piston Brembo calipers that were found on the '07 to '12 GT500, along with a new set of pads, 14 inch front rotors, new front brake dust shields, a new set of rear brake pads to match the front, and a set of four braided stainless brake lines. Now this kit will give you a much more sure footed feel in your braking performance both on the street and the track. And the installation, it's not too bad either.

Lift and support the rear of your Mustang and remove the rear wheels. Start with the passenger rear. Remove the brake caliper to bracket bolts. Slide the caliper off the pads. Remove the stock pads from the bracket and install the new Ford Racing pads. If needed, compress the caliper piston and reinstall the brake caliper. Using a tubing wrench, break loose the hard line from the hose. Remove the ABS sensor wire retaining clip and remove the brake hose bracket bolt. With a drain pan in place to catch the brake fluid, remove the banjo bolt from the caliber and hose.

Attach the new bracket to the supplied braided stainless hose with the supplied E-clip. Bolt the bracket into place. Using the supplied banjo bolt and copper washers, install the new braided stainless hose to the caliber. Transfer the hard line from the old hose to the new stainless hose. Reattach the ABS wire clip, and zip tie the ABS wire to the new brake hose. With the help of a friend, bleed the brake caliper until no air is present. Top off the brake master cylinder with the appropriate DOT 3 brake fluid.

Repeat all these steps for the driver's side rear. Reinstall the rear wheels and lower the rear of the car. Raise and support the front of your Mustang and remove the front wheels. You'll want to start with the passenger side of your car, butt for this video, we're going to illustrate all of the steps on the driver's side. Remove the caliper bracket to spindle bolts and remove the caliper assembly from the rotor. Remove the O2 rotor retaining clips and slide the rotor off the hub. Remove the dust shield retaining bolts and the dust shield. Slide your new dust shield in position and tighten it down to the spindle.

For the driver's side only, you'll need to remove the alternator splash shield to access the brake hose. Pop the ABS sensor wire lose. Remove the brake hose bracket bolt from the frame and from the strut. Slide your new 14 inch rotor and Brembo caliper assembly into place and install the caliber to the spindle with new bolts. Install the new brake hose to the supplied bracket with an E-clip and install the new hose to the strut with the old retaining bolt. Using the supplied banjo bolting copper washers, put the new braided hose on the Brembo caliber.

Transfer the brake hard line from the old brake hose to the new braided stainless hose. Install the brake hose bracket to frame bolt. For the driver's side only, you'll need to reinstall the alternator splash shield. You'll start by bleeding the passenger front outer bleeder are on the caliber first, then the inner bleeder. Then move to the driver's side and do the same. Top off your master cylinder with the appropriate DOT 3 brake fluid. Reinstall the front wheels and lower your Mustang.

At a minimum, you'll need to step up to an 18 inch wheel be clear these massive front brakes. However, if you like going to drag strip from time to time, our 17 inch SVE drag front runners will clear this brake kit with no problem. Because you're using factory installed components for a brake upgrade, there won't be any problem finding replacement pads and rotors later down the road. Plus, there's no shortage of upgrades available either. You can pick up a brake kit at your source for Ford Racing performance parts,

Ford Racing 14” Brembo Brake Kit Install (M-2300-S) Tech Info

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