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Fox Body Mustang Tire Guide (79-93)

Fox Body Mustang Tire Guide (79-93)

Fox Body Mustang Tire Guide (79-93)

Not sure how big of a tire you can put on your Fox Body Mustang? Let Latemodel Restoration walk you through your tire options on your 1979-1993 Mustang.

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Fitting Bigger Tires On A Foxbody

The addition of bigger tires to a Fox Body Mustang is popular for 1979-1993 Mustang owners. Most Fox owners who modify their cars want a wider tire in the rear, but sometimes it is not that easy. Coming from the factory with 15" and 16" wheels and tires, everyone was quickly finding out what works and what doesn't when adding aftermarket wheel and tire kits. Instead of searching around for tire size calculators, this all-in-one guide will help you find the perfect tire size on your Fox.

Fender Rolling

To clear bigger tires in the rear, fender rolling is one of the best ways to gain more clearance on the outside edge. Fender rolling on your Mustang folds in the inner fender lip to prevent cutting on the tire. Be sure to use a heat gun when rolling the fenders to prevent a chance of flaking the paint.

Control Arms

Another solution for the Fox Body Mustang is replacing the stock control arms. With the strength and design of aftermarket control arms, there is no longer a need for quad shocks. The compact design of tubular or boxed control arms also takes up less space in the wheel well over the OEM stamped versions, allowing better tire clearance all around.

Quad Shocks

If your car is equipped with quad-shocks, often flipping them around 180 degrees, in addition to rolling the fender, will allow you to squeeze a larger tire out back. Some people go as far as deleting the quad shock, but this isn't ideal as the quad shock counteracts the wheel hop allowed by the flimsy stock control arms during hard acceleration.
Fox Body Mustang Tire Guide (79-93) - Fox Body Mustang Tire Guide (79-93)

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