How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

Need help adjusting and aiming your 87-04 Mustang headlights? Watch our how to video & tech article to get your Stang's headlights back in alignment! Are your Mustang headlights lighting up everything but the road in front of you?? Watch this video as Jmac shows you how to adjust your headlights. No more lighting up the ditch and blinding birds in the trees while cruising in your Stang at night. We cover how to adjust head lights for 87-04 Mustangs. Be sure to check out all our lighting install videos for help with installing your new headlights.

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How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

Tools Needed:

  • Adjusting wrench
  • LIS-14540 for 87-98 Mustangs
  • Masking Tape

    Installation Instructions

    1. Start by placing the nose of your Pony as close as possible to the flat wall you will be measuring against.

    2. How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04) - How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

    3. With your Pony in park or out of gear with the e brake engaged, you can now turn on your lights.

    4. How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04) - How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

    5. Take some tape and mark off the horizontal and vertical centers of each light beam.

    6. How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04) - How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

    7. With the centers of each beam marked you can now move your car back 25 feet.

    8. How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04) - How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

    9. (For the 87-98 Mustangs, you will need a headlight adjusting wrench, part number LIS-14540, to adjust the lights.On a 99-04 Mustang, there is no need for a special wrench or tool. All you need is a Philips head screwdriver to make your vertical and horizontal adjustments)Use this tool to fine-tune both the verticle and horizontal beams. You will want the center of the headlight beams to be just down and to the right of the original center beam tape marks.

    10. How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04) - How To Adjust/Aim Mustang Headlights (87-04)

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    About the Video

    Mustang Headlights: How To Adjust/Aim 87-04 Mustang Headlights

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    Published on 2013-06-03
    Are your headlights shining at the ditch or trees instead of the road ahead of you at night? Watch this video as Jmac walks you through how to adjust your Mustang Headlights. Adjustment procedure is on all three models of Mustangs is very easy and only requires a dark setting and a headlight adjusting tool/wrench.

    The headlight adjusting wrench/tool is needed for the 87-93 Mustang headlights and the 94-98 Mustang headlights. On the 99-04 Mustang you only need to have a Philips Screwdriver. Use Jmac's headlight adjusting procedure to get your Mustang headlights pointing in the idle direction.

    If you need help installing new lights be sure to check out our many tech/install videos on our YouTube Channel. Also, go to to pick up your replacement headlights with Free Shipping and a NO HASSLE WARRANTY on all our lighting options. We have everything you need to make sure your headlamp has the correct adjustment and replacement parts.
    JONATHAN MCDONALD: So you've replaced the headlights in your Mustang, and your first time out driving at night reveals that they really don't light up the road at all. It's definitely not a light transmission problem. It's all about the adjustment, or lack thereof. Just because your new headlight's bolted right in, doesn't mean you're done with the install. If you own an '87 to '93, '94 to '98, or '99 to '04 Mustang, we're going to show you how to stage your car up for the adjustment procedure, what you're going to need, where the adjusters are, and what they do.

    First and foremost, what you're going to want to do is find you a place that's going to be as dark as possible, flat level ground. Move your car all the way up against that wall or door as close as you can get it without touching. Turn your headlights on.

    Grab you some blue painter's tape or something equivalent. Any type of masking tape will work. Make you a horizontal tape line across each one of the light beams and make you a vertical tape line across the center of each one of the light beams. Now move your car back 25 feet.

    Now a handy tool to have in your arsenal is this headlight adjusting wrench. It'll work on '87 to '98. On an '87 to '93, here's where your horizontal adjuster is and here's where your vertical adjuster is. Go ahead and use your tool to either move the adjuster in or out, depending on where the beam is pointing at. And you want that beam to land, final adjustment, where the beam is just down and to the right of where your tape lines intersect.

    On a '94 to '98 Mustang, remove your radiator cover so you can have full access to your inside adjusters. Here's your horizontal adjuster and here's your vertical adjuster. Adjustment process is the same as it was on the Fox body.

    On a '99 to '04 car, man, they made it a whole lot easier. It is super simple to adjust these headlights. All you need is a Phillips' head screwdriver. Here's your horizontal adjuster and here's your vertical adjuster.

    Go drive your Mustang and enjoy the clarity of having properly adjusted headlights. Go on over to and check out more Mustang lighting solutions.