Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)

Watch us show you how to install & replace 87-93 Fox Body Mustang Headlights. Compare the many different replacement headlight options we offer!

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Fox Body Mustangs are now 20+ years old and many are starting to show their age. One of the first parts for your 87-93 Stang that weathers and fades are the headlights. Replacing a hazy set can give your Fox Body a serious facelift. Installing new lights on your Mustang is an easy process. Follow along in the video as Jmac and Jeff show you how to replace yours.

Here at Late Model Restoration we offer several different lighting options for your 87-93 Pony. Whether you are looking to replace your current lights with factory OEM style or you want to give your Stang a more modern look with Ultra Clear or Smoked headlights, we have a solution for you. All of these lighting options are 6 piece light kits that include park lights, turn signals and headlights. In this video we install one of our economy kits that feature factory style lens. Any of our 6 piece kits featured below will install the same way seen in this installation video.

Tools Needed:

  • 11mm wrench

How To Install Fox Body Mustang Headlights:

  1. Disconnect the bulb sockets and take the 11mm wrench and remove the retaining nuts from the back of the lights

  2. Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)
  3. If you backing plates are and headlight seals are good transfer them to your new lights (if not < included)

  4. Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)
  5. Install your new lights

  6. Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)
  7. Connect your bulbs

  8. Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)
  9. Test and you’re done

  10. Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)

Don’t forget to adjust your lights after the installation. Check out our Fox Body Headlight adjustment video at the bottom of this article!

Fox Body Mustang 6 Piece Headlight Comparison

Trying to decide which 87-93 Mustang 6 piece headlight kit to order for your car? Scotty in our research department was in the same boat. We set out to help him answer this question by installing all 4 different style kits that are available. Take a look at the comparison below that shows the 4 different styles of headlight kits on his car.

Listed in order from left to right:

  1. 87-93 Mustang Ultra Smoked Headlight Kit (Ultra Clear Style Lens)
  2. 87-93 Mustang Smoked Headlight Kit (Factory Fluted Style Lens)
  3. 87-93 Mustang Ultra Clear Headlight Kit
  4. 87-93 Mustang Deluxe Headlight Kit with Amber Sidemarkers (Factory Fluted Style Lens)

Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody Headlight Comparison

Scotty ultimately chose to go with the 87-93 Mustang Ultra Smoke Headlight Kit. This headlight kit went great with his SVE 10th Anniversary Flat Black Wheels and other black accents on his Fox Body Mustang. Check out the Gallery below to see more pictures of each headlight kit; we even added the clear corners to the Deluxe Headlight Kit to give you a better idea of what the difference is between the two sidemarkers.

Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody Smoked Ultra Clear Headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody smoked headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody ultra clear headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody replacement headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody factory headlights with clear side marker

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About the Video

Mustang Headlight Installation - 5.0Resto (Fox Body 87-93)

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Published on 2013-08-29
Fox Body Headlights.
Finish up your build with a new set of 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang headlights! Choose from our famous 5.0 Resto Economy Headlight Kit, smoked Mustang headlight kits, ultra clear Mustang headlight kits, and even the popular 1-piece Fox Body headlights! Pick them up in a deluxe kit to get the headlight adjusters, backing plates, seals, and bulbs you need to complete your installation.

Economy Kit w/ Amber Side Markers.
Replace the yellow, oxidized headlights on your 1987-1993 Mustang with this 5.0 Resto 6-piece replacement kit! Over the years, the plastic lenses on your headlights will eventually start to fade, or oxidize. This leads to decreased light output and an overall bad look for your Fox. Freshen up the look of your Mustang with a new set of headlights from LMR! New headlights will not only improve the styling of your Fox but increase safety and nighttime visibility. This kit includes all six pieces, along with a pair of headlight bulb retainers, for a total transformation! Featuring amber side markers, this new headlight kit is sure to brighten up the look of your Fox!

5.0 Resto Quality.
5.0 Resto's headlight kit, with amber side markers, is built with quality and durability in mind. Backed by a 1-year warranty, you can rest assured that this headlight kit provides the satisfaction you crave for your restoration. Each housing features the factory style, plastic construction. The headlights will accept your factory adjusting plates, seals, and retaining clips; to ensure your lights are properly aimed after installation. Each lens has the factory style fluting to ensure light is evenly spread onto the road at night. All of your factory bulbs are a direct replacement into the backs of the headlights, park lights, and side markers; for a quick and easy installation!

Installation Note:
- Bulbs not included with this kit.

Application: 1987-1993 Mustang

Item # LRS-13007E-KIT
JEFF: Hi, I'm Jeff, and I've brought J-Mac with me today to show you how to install six-piece headlights on your '87 to '93 Fox Mustang. Now, J-Mac, we've got the economy headlight kit in front of us. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?

JONATHAN: Sure thing, Jeff. This is our 5.0Resto brand six-piece economy headlight kit. Now, don't let the word economy fool you, because these are premium quality direct replacements for your Mustang. Now, six pieces because it includes the side markers, headlights, park lights for both sides. And the side markers are available with either amber reflector or clear reflector.

We also have deluxe kits available where the headlights include the seals, backing plates, bulbs, and bulb retainers. Now, if you need any of those parts individually, we've got the retaining clips, backing plates, bulbs, bulb retainers, retaining nuts, bulb sockets, I mean anything that you could possibly need for your Fox headlight project.

JEFF: All right. Now, if factory headlights aren't your thing, make sure you check out our website. We've got more options on there. We've got anything from your ultra clear, your smoked, or your one-piece headlight kits.

JONATHAN: No matter what you choose, they're all covered with our no hassle warranty. Check out for more details.

JEFF: All right. Sounds like we've talked enough about these products. Jonathan, how about you show them how to install it?

JONATHAN: That I can do. We've already installed the driver side lights, just to illustrate the difference between a new set and a faded old set. This passenger side here is completely yellowed, faded, cracked, not letting much light transfer through. Fact is, these are so sunbaked that this side marker used to be amber. Now it's completely faded away.

To remove your old headlights, you've got two nuts on the back of your park light, you've got three nuts on the back of your headlight, and you've got two nuts on the back of your side marker.

First things first, you want to go ahead and undo all of your bulb sockets, get those out of the way, then grab yourself an 11 millimeter wrench. A ratchet wrench is going to be your best friend, but a regular wrench will get the job done. And you can even fit a socket on some of these things. I'm going to go ahead and get these lights out and on the table, and then we're going to show you how to transfer your seals and backing plates onto your new headlight lens.

Now that you've got your headlights out the way, we'll talk about transferring your seals, backing plates, and bulbs over to your new headlight lens. Now, your seal is held on with just two metal clips on the side. Can easily disengage those, lift the seal out of the way. Then you can remove your bulb retainer and your bulb. Then grab you a small flat-blade screwdriver, and you can remove the three clips that hold the backing plate to the old lens.

These can kind of be a pain to get off. Just stick with it and they'll eventually break loose. Once you get your clips free, you can simply remove your backing plate and transfer it over to your new lens.

Now, you want to be sure that each head of the screw is engaged fully into the lens. That way your clips will actually retain it. May take a little bit of pressure to get it fully seated in the hole, but don't be afraid to apply that little extra oomph. Now you can grab your clips, start popping them back into place. A little bit of finger pressure will get them right on.

Then we can go ahead and put in our bulb and bulb retainer, and we're ready for the seal. Now, if your seals are in bad shape, like we said we have brand new ones, but this one's still in reasonable condition. A little bit of interior cleaner and conditioner, we'll go ahead and get that looking new again.

And you can simply slide it back into place and engage your metal clips on the side. And we're ready to go back together. We'll go ahead and get these new lights slid into place, and we'll show you the finished product when we're done.

All right. When going back together, you want to start out with your headlight, follow up with you park light, and finish up with your side marker. Tighten up all your nuts, and then reinstall your bulb sockets. Go ahead and turn your lights on to make sure that everything is still working properly.

Now, for a little bit of time and not a whole lot of money, you can greatly improve the exterior appearance of your Mustang while increasing nighttime driving safety. Now, just because we're done with the physical part of this install doesn't mean we're completely finished. Check out for our headlight adjusting video that gives you step-by-step instructions.
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