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How to install 03-04 Cobra Fog Lights

Replace your broken or fadded SVT Terminator Cobra Fog lights. Watch our installation video here!

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2003-2004 Cobra Fog Light Removal & Installation

Installing or replacing worn, faded, or cracked foglights is a great way to restore the exterior of your 2003-2004 SVT Cobra. If you are swapping your 1999-2004 Mustang V6, GT, Mach 1, or Bullitt to a 03-04 Terminator Cobra bumper, you can also use this guide when installing the new foglights to the bumper. Reference our video above for an in-depth look at the installation of the Terminator foglights. 

Installation Steps:

  1. Remove the bulb's electrical connection. 
    How to install 03-04 Cobra Fog Lights  - 03 cobra fog light wiring connection
  2. Remove the four fog light retaining screws that retain the foglight to the bumper.
    How to install 03-04 Cobra Fog Lights  - cobra fog light retaining bolts
  3. If replacing the foglight bezel, remove the two foglight bezel retaining screws.
    How to install 03-04 Cobra Fog Lights  - cobra fog light bezel retaining screws
  4. Unsnap the bezel from the bumper by pulling the bezel away from the front bumper.
    How to install 03-04 Cobra Fog Lights
  5. Installation is the reverse of removal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If I convert my 1999-2004 Mustang V6, GT, 99-01 Cobra, Mach 1 or Bullitt to a 2003-2004 Cobra front bumper, what else will I need to install the front bumper?

  • There are a couple of things that you will need to convert your non-cobra mustang to the Terminator front bumper. See the list below:
    • H10 Foglight wiring pigtail
    • 03-04 Cobra chin spoiler 
    • 03-04 Cobra foglights
    • 03-04 Cobra fog light bezels
    • 03-04 Cobra hood is highly recommended as hoods not made for the 2003-2004 Cobra front bumper will come in contact with the hood on either side of the grille by the headlights. Some people opt to clearance the bumper to allow for more clearance. 

Can I add LED or HID fog light bulbs to my 2003-2004 Cobra foglights? 

What is the correct foglight bulb for the 2003-2004 Cobra foglight?

  • The 2003-2004 Cobra foglight will use a H10 foglight bulb.


About the Video

Cobra Fog Lights: How to install Mustang SVT Cobra Fog Lights - 03-04 Terminator

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Published on 2013-01-31
Since the release of the 03-04 Terminator SVT Cobra, changing Mustangs (V6, GT, Bullitt and Mach 1) over to Cobra front ends has been a popular conversion. The 03-04 Cobra featured a unique front bumper cover, hood and fog light assembly. The fog light assemblies featured a fog light bezel that had a circular opening for a Fog Light and a brake cooling duct. If you want to convert your Mustang over to a 03-04 Cobra front end or if you just need to replace your worn-out Cobra fog lights, we have you covered with our full line of Cobra parts.

*** Note our fog lights are covered by our no hassle warranty ***

Fits Mustang SVT Cobra: 2003 (03) - 2004 (04)
Broken or damaged fog lights are very common on all year model Mustangs, such as the case on this '03 Cobra behind us. The previous owner decided they wanted to tint them black, did a very poor job of doing so. Now, they look completely like crap.

Luckily, for '03, '04 Cobra owners, we have everything you need to get your car looking as good as possible. Now, if you have a '99 to '04 V6 or GT and you've upgraded to a '03, '04 Cobra bumper cover, this kit applies to you as well, because we include the needed connectors and attaching hardware to attach your fog lights to the bumper cover.

Now, the fog lights include new bulbs, so you don't have to worry about purchasing those separately. And the install is really easy, can be done in your driveway in little to no time at all. Now, the bezels are side-specific and are marked on the back with an R or an L. Now, the R goes to the passenger side, L to the driver side.

Fog lights are universal. They'll go on either side. Now, to get started with the removal, unplug the electrical connector from the fog light bulb. Remove the four retaining screws that hold the fog light to the bumper cover. Then remove the two screws that hold the fog light bezel to the bumper cover.

Unsnap the bezel, and remove it from the car. Now, you can go back in with your new parts. Before I get this install finished up, check out just how bad off these original lights were. Installation is the exact opposite of removal. Go ahead and snap everything back together, and check for operation.

You could probably tell it that we have a huge improvement that just took place on this '03 Cobra. Now, for more Mustang lighting options, check out latemodelrestoration.com.
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