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How To Install Mustang Cold Air Intake (96-04)

Created by Phillip Perez
Last Updated 5/17/2021

Add more horsepower and torque to your 96-04 Mustang with a cold air intake from LMR. Follow along as we show you how to install this simple bolt on part!

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How To Install Mustang Cold Air Intake (96-04)

If you are looking to add more power and increase air flow in your 96-04 Mustang, look no further than a cold air intake. Follow along as we show you step by step how to install a cold air intake on your 4.6L Stang!

Tools Needed:

  • Common household tools
  • Ratchet Set

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the entire stock air inlet system from the vehicle by simply unclamping at the throttle body and removing the bolt attaching the airbox to the inner fender well area. Disconnect all hoses, wiring, etc., and then tug upwards firmly on the airbox to disengage from the rubber grommet in the frame rail.

  2. How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake - How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake

  3. Remove the mass-air sensor from the air filter box and attach to the new filter mount using the supplied bolts and nuts (4) with the electrical plug portion at the top.

  4. How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake - How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake

  5. Attach the 2 supplied grommet studs to the fender filtermount with supplied hardware; the studs must be facing downward to slip into the rubber grommets in the framerail.

  6. How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake - How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake

  7. Install the assembled filtermount into the vehicle by pressing the aluminum studs firmly into the grommets on the framerail then attach at the grommet on the inner fenderwell using stock hardware.

  8. How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake - How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake

  9. Slide the appropriate sized tube coupler over the mass-air sensor and attach with the supplied hose clamp.

  10. Slide the other tube coupler over the throttle body end of the inlet tube with supplied clamps and install between the throttle body and mass-air sensor, align the tube while tightening hose clamps.

  11. How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake - How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake

  12. Attach all tubes, wiring, etc., to the new inlet tube.

  13. How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake - How To Install Mustang Cold Air intake

  14. Install filter from under the fender and clamp tightly into position. (if applicable)

  15. NOTE: Early model 4.6L Mustangs may require a grommet for the inlet air temperature sensor. This will be supplied in some kits and not in others. You can pick up one at your local hardware store.

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Mustang Cold Air Intake Installation - SVE (96-04 GT 4.6L 2V)

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Published on 2012-09-27
Product: Mustang GT SVE Polished Cold Air Intake Kit
Brand: SVE
Fits: Mustang GT 4.6 2v
Year Models: 1996 (96) 1997 (97) 1998 (98) 1999 (99) 2000 (00) 2001 (01) 2002 (02) 2003 (03) 2004 (04)
LRS Part #: LRS-9659CA9K

This SVE Cold Air Intake kit completely replaces the stock factory air box and restrictive paper filter element in your 1996-2004 4.6L Mustang GT with a high flow filter assembly for a noticeable increase in horsepower and throttle response while filtering out destructive power robbing dust particles. This CAI pulls cooler,denser air from inside the inner fender well to make more power that you can feel.

****Does not fit with strut tower brace****
2001-2004 Mustangs will need to use the rubber ACT block off plug provided in the kit.

Features and Benifits
Increased Horsepower
Increased Fuel Mileage
Great Looks Under The Hood Of Your Mustang!
Polished Aluminum Finish
High Flow Reusable Air Filter
Easy Installation!
Hi. I'm Jeff and today, I'm going to walk you through installing the SVE cold air intake on your '96 to '04 Mustang GT. Now, this intake is a great way to add a couple extra horsepower and increase your fuel economy. Now, to show you how easy this install is, let's move back to the car.

To begin the installation process, the first thing we want to do is get that old intake off the car. Start by removing the clamp that holds the intake to the throttle body. Next up, disconnect the two hoses that are connected to the intake, followed by removing the mass air meter. Lastly, remove the bolt that holds the air box to the fender.

Now you can pull up and remove your intake. Now, the air box does have two grommets on it. They may cause you a little bit of problem. Just a note. Just like that, we've got the factory intake off the car. Now I'm going to show you how to assemble the SVE intake.

Before assembling the new SVE intake, you do have to disassemble the old intake and take a few components off of it. To remove the air box, it's held on by four 10 millimeter screws. WIth the air box removed, you do now need to remove the three grommets off of it. Keep these, because you will need to reuse these later. Next, remove the mass air meter by loosening the clamp on the intake pipe.

Simply pull the mass air meter loose, and you're done. Next up, take your SVE intake pipe, and install the mass air meter to it. There's a gasket included in the kit, which you will need to use. Take one of the supplied bolts to help hold it in place, and simply align it to the pipe. Take one of the nuts. Hand tighten it on there to help hold everything in place.

Repeat this process all the way around, and then you can actually tighten them down with a wrench. Next up. And now is a really good time to go ahead and install the rubber boots. Take the clamp. Make sure you put this on first on the straight end. Take the flared rubber boot, and install it like so. Take the other rubber boot, install it on the curved piece of the intake pipe, and you're ready to go ahead and move on back here to install these parts on the car.

Now, the first thing you want to do is install the heat shield. Take the rubber grommets you took off the factory air box and put them back into the factory location. With the grommets in place, you can now take the heat shield and firmly press it down onto the grommets. Take the other grommet that you took off the air box and insert it onto the heat shield.

You can just hand tighten this screw on for now, so that you actually have some room for adjustments later. The next step is, take the SVE intake pipe that has a mass air meter, work it into the actual heat shield. Be patient. It may take a little bit of work.

With that pipe in place, take the upper elbow. And you can actually install this now. Start at the throttle body. Come back down here to the lower piece of the pipe. and work the mass air meter into the rubber boot. You can go ahead and align your clamps, now that intake pipe is all assembled.

With that in place, it's now time to go ahead and attach the hoses and the mass air meter. Now, use the supplied silicone hose to attach the PCV line back onto the intake. With that firmly in place, you can now move on and reattach your mass air meter.

A quick tech tip. Later year model GTs actually feature the air intake temperature sensor built into the mass air meter. If you have one of these vehicles, you will need to plug the hole in the SVE intake. To do that, pick up a grommet at your local hardware store.

The final step is to install the filter. To access the intake tube, you will need to reach underneath the fender. Depending upon your ride height, you might actually have to jack up your Mustang. Be sure to tighten the clamp down to avoid any kind of air leaks. With that done, you can get out there, enjoy that extra horsepower, and increase fuel economy. Thanks for checking out another video from latemodelrestoration.com.