Magnaflow Exhaust

Give your Mustang a louder exhaust while increasing horsepower and torque! LMR has just what you need with performance Magnaflow Mustang parts!

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Fox Body Magnaflow Exhaust

1994-04 Mustang Magnaflow Exhaust

2010-14 Mustang Magnaflow Exhaust

2015-23 Mustang Magnaflow Exhaust

2024 Mustang Magnaflow Exhaust

99-04 Lightning Magnaflow Exhaust

Magnaflow Catalytic Converters

Magnaflow Mustang Exhaust

From aftermarket h-pipes, x-pipes, cutbacks, axle backs, and other exhaust components to give your Stang an aggressive new sound. Whether you have a Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197, or S550 Mustang, Magnaflow has just what you need to get more power and performance from your V6 or GT. Pick up your performance exhaust kit from Late Model Restoration today!