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2010-12 Mustang California Special Front Valance Installation Instructions

Created by Phillip Perez
Last Updated 9/25/2020

Add some aggressive styling to your 2010-12 S197 Mustang with the California Special valance for the front bumper! We will walk you through the installation in the article.

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The California Special front valance kit simply replaces the standard GT piece.  No drilling, painting, or cussing required.  No painting means no additional preparation cost, or concerns with quality of materials and workmanship, or color inconsistencies.  I completed the installation of my California Special front valance with zero fuss.  

We also offer a kit to convert the front of your 2010-2011 Mustang GT to the CS front valance.  The kit consists of the valance, fog lights, and fog light pigtails. I think you'll agree, that this simple upgrade will dramatically improve the styling of any 2010-2011 Mustang GT. 

2011 5.0L Mustang GT

Tools Needed:

  • 8mm Socket
  • 7mm Hex Head Bit
  • Flat Tip Screw Driver

Step 1:
Remove the upper radiator support cover by removing its plastic push-pins. Be careful with all of your factory hardware, as it will all be re-used during the conversion.




Step 2:
Then, remove the two 8mm bolts that hold the upper portion of the bumper cover, on each side of the grille, and carefully pry the upper portion of the bumper cover over the plastic nibs adjacent to the bolts.


Step 3:
Remove the 4, 7mm hex head screws that attach the bumper cover to the inner fender splash shields in front of each tire.


Step 4:
Remove the 7mm hex-head screws that attach the front bumper cover to the lower radiator cover, beneath the bumper.


Step 5:
Remove the outside air temperature sensor from the lower grille opening.


Step 6:
Then, carefully pull straight out on each side of the bumper cover, where it attaches to the fender. This will release the bumper cover from the fender retainers.


Step 7:
Finally, carefully pull the entire bumper cover assembly forward to gain access to fog light and parking light connectors. Remove your parking light and fog light connectors, and remove the bumper cover from the car.




Step 8:
Once the bumper cover is removed from the car, it's time to replace the lower valance.  The valance is held in place with barbed tabs that slide into slots on the bumper cover.  The valance is also retained by one phillips-head screw on each corner of the bumper cover, as well as 2 push pins on each side. To release the valance, carefully pry open the slots in the bumper cover, and push the barbed tabs of the valance through.  Have a buddy help you in this process, as you'll need to carefully hold pressure on the entire valance while you release the tabs.




Step 9:
Re-installation of your new California Special valance simply consists of popping the new valance into the bumper cover's slotted holes, and re-installing the screws and push-pins.
Step 10:
Before re-installing your bumper cover, your factory fog light wiring must be extended, and the pigtail connectors will need to be replaced with the ones in the kit. I accomplished this with a bit of 16-gauge wire, and some red butt connectors. You can either cut off your factory fog light plug, as I did, or attach new wire to your fog light pigtails with scotch locks. I finished my wiring modification by wrapping the new pigtail and extension with electrical tape. You'll notice that the two wires attached to your new fog light connectors are both the same color. Wiring orientation of the new plug does not matter.



Step 11:
Repeat the disassembly procedure to re-install your bumper cover with its new valance, and enjoy the stares you'll receive from the installation of your California Special front valance kit from Late Model Restoration!

California Special Front Valance Components