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Shop for the best Mustang Cold Air Intakes from the biggest names in the industry. Increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy with a Mustang Cold Air Intake.

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Shop By Year has many high-performance Mustang Cold Air Intakes styles in stock for different Mustang model years, ranging from EFI-equipped Fox Body Mustangs to the most current S650 Mustang. We also carry all of the supporting modifications for these cold air intakes, such as tuners, throttle bodies, and mass air meters, to help you ensure you maximize your performance gains. Shop to see all the top-rated Mustang cold air intakes!

What Is A Mustang Cold Air Intake?

A Mustang cold air intake is an aftermarket upgrade that replaces the factory intake tubing on your engine. These cold air intakes are designed to allow for more air flow by utilizing a high-flow air filter, smoother tubing, and by relocating the air filter out of the engine bay, away from hot engine bay air temperatures. These intake kits free up power and torque, allowing you to make more horsepower and get better fuel mileage thanks to the more efficient air flow. These kits fit Ford Mustang GT, Mustang V6, Mustang Ecoboost, and a variety of special models. Choose from popular brands such as BBK, JLT, Ford Performance, PMAS, and many more performance cold air intake providers.