Mustang Off-Road H-Pipes

This 1986-13 Mustang H-pipe is off road. It comes without catalytic converters for more power and better exhaust flow!

Many Mustang owners want more performance from their pushrod 5.0L, 5.8L, 3.8L, or mod motor 4.6L or 5.4L Mustang exhaust. The H pipe or mid pipe is a good way to free up additional power by creating better exhaust flow on your Mustang. Since this Mustang H pipe is for off road or race use only, it is illegal to drive on the street and may not pass inspection.

Mustang Off-Road H-Pipes Tech Info

Since Mustang V8's fire unevenly, the exhaust exits in pulses rather than a steady flow. While one pipe is filled with pressure the other pipe is relatively pressure-less. By connecting the two pipes in a siamese pattern, pressure is allowed to be released to the other side. This action allows the exhaust to pass through the pipe quicker and this better 'breathing' results in increased horsepower for your Mustang.