Replacement Ford Mustang Belt

Mustang Serpentine Belts are a vital parts of your Mustang's engine function. Mustang Serpentine belts turn all the accessories to charge your car, run the A/C System and keep it cool. LMR carries replacement Mustang Serpentine belts for a variety of applications including stock length serpentine belts and Mustang Short belts for use with smog pump eliminators, all from leading manufacturers like Motorcraft and Dayco belts.

LMR has an enormous selection of Mustang belts that replace your broken one to get your car running back to normal. With over 40 Mustang belts to choose from there won’t be a belt you can’t find. Your belt is a crucial component to the operation of your Mustang and with a broken or damaged one you could be losing power to your accessories.

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Serpentine Mustang Belts

2003-2004 Mustang Cobra Serpentine Belts

Your belt helps to power vital components in your Mustang. The serpentine belt is a long winding belt that keeps your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner and your water pump running. Serpentine belts are notorious for squeaking and slipping when they become worn. When your belt is worn or broken you will notice a loss of power to your accessories or even your engine.

We offer only top-quality brands when it comes to taking care of your Mustang. With leading names in the industry such as Motorcraft, Continental, and Gates we put our trust into their products to provide you with best performance possible for your Mustang.

All belts are not the same. When choosing a Mustang belt you need to make sure it is the right length. If your belt is too tight it could not fit, or if forced on, it could break easily. If your belt is too big it could slip off and you would have to keep putting it back on until you got the right size. Shop for all your Mustang belt needs!

Fun Fact: The serpentine belt was invented by Jim Vance while working for the Gates Rubber Company and first used by Ford Motor Company for the 1979 Ford Mustang.