Mustang Wilwood Brakes

Get your Mustang stopping quicker with a Wilwood big brake kit! These kits give you increased stopping power and decrease your stopping distance to keep your high horsepower Mustang safer. Wilwood's big brake kits are offered for 1994-2014 Mustangs and are a great way to upgrade your brake system. By replacing your factory brake components with bigger rotors and high performance 4 or 6 piston calipers, you get more braking power to get your Stang stopping on a dime. Don't forget to pick up new stainless tell braided hoses and e-brake cables to finish up your installation!

  • Mustang Wilwood Brakes

Mustang Wilwood Big Brake Kits

Looking to give your 94-04, 05-14 or 2015 Mustang better stopping power? Add a Wilwood big brake kit and get your Stang stopping on a dime! These kits feature larger rotors and performance calipers that will dramatically improve your braking performance. Great for high horsepower or track cars!

Mustang Wilwood Brake Hoses

Are your Mustang's brake hoses stretched or worn out? Replace them with Wilwood braided stainless steel brake hoses for better performance. Braided brake hoses help improve stopping power, increase brake system reliability, and reduce brake fade.

Mustang Wilwood Parking Brake Cables

Wilwood's parking brake cables are perfect for replacing a stretched or snapped e-brake cable on your Wilwood brake kit. These cable are sold in pairs and restore your emergency brake functions.