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Project Blue Collar: Paint Prep

Our Fox Body Mustang project has come a long way! Watch as we prep it for a custom paint job. Next time you see Project Blue Collar it will be a head-turner with its new fresh paint!

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Since its introduction, Project Blue Collar has been through a lot to get it running under its own power. We installed a completely new fuel and ignition system on our project Fox Body Mustang. We also replaced a few other non-functioning components such as door handles, hatch struts, and ignition switch. Now that it is running, it is finally time to send our project Mustang off to paint!

Project Blue Collar: Paint Prep  - Project Blue Collar Fox Body Mustang

Before we send Project Blue Collar off to get a fresh new paint job, we needed to do some teardown. We decided to remove the bumper covers, ground effects, moldings, quarter windows, and other miscellaneous parts to make things easier on the body shop.

We took this time to give everyone a quick update and a close look at production to this point. Get ready because the next time you see our Fox Body Mustang, it will no longer be plagued by peeling clear coats, dents, and dings. You can follow the complete Project Blue Collar build in the link below!

About the Video

Project Blue Collar Tear Down - Latemodel Restoration (Fox Body Mustang)

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Published on 2014-03-11
We are starting to make some major progress on Project Blue Collar. It is finally time to prep it for paint. That means it is time to rip off all the exterior trim, bumper covers and quarter windows. Watch as Jmac completely disassembles our project Fox Body Mustang and gets it ready for paint.

Next time you see Project Blue Collar it will be dent free and that peeling clear coat problem will be long gone! Be sure to click on the link above to watch this Fox Body Mustang come together. There are plenty more installation and tech videos to help you tackle your Mustang Restoration project.

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If you're taking your Fox Body Mustang to the paint shop, you want to make sure and remove as much as you can before you drop it off. That way it will save you a little bit of money by not having to pay your body guy to take your car apart. Plus it will give you the opportunity to get the best end result possible.

Things you want to take off include the headlights, the tail lights, rear spoiler, front and rear bumper covers, emblems, body side mouldings, exterior trim, cowl panel, windshield, and rear glass reveal moulding, ground effects, handles, blocks, mirrors, and quarter windows.


You want to send your car to the shop with a set of wheels that you may not necessarily care about. Because the likelihood is that they're going to get paint over-spray on them. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all further updates on this and other projects. And check out latemodelrestoration.com to pick up all the parts you may need to get your car finished up when it comes back from the body shop.