How To Install Mustang Roush Side Splitters (13-14)

Posted 12/16/2015 by Dustin Leathers

Watch this installation video as we show you how to install Roush side splitters! Give your S197 Mustang the race inspired looks of the Roush RS3.

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How To Install Roush Chin Spoiler & Side Splitter (13-14)

Adding a set of Roush side splitters to your 2013-2014 Mustang is a great way to get better looks and add a touch of Roush styling to your S197. Installation is quick and easy with common hand tools. Follow along as we walk you through the install.

Tools Needed

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • 1/4" Drill Bit
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Soft Lint-Free Cloth
  • Electrical Tape

Installation Instructions

  1. Select the LH ROUSH Rocker Splitter. The LH and RH Rocker Splitters are marked on the back side near the center of the part.

  2. Clean the noted area and apply the 3M™ 4298 Adhesion Promoter to the factory rocker panel molding. Refer to the 3M™ Technical Data Sheet, included, for prep and application procedures.

  3. Prepare the Rocker Splitter for installation by laying the tape down across the areas you've prepped with adhesion promoter. Keep the red side facing up.

  4. Hold the left ROUSH Rocker Splitter in position and visually note where the foam tape is to adhere to the factory rocker panel molding. Remove the Rocker Splitter.

  5. Prepare the areas on the car where you noted the tape will be adhered to. Prep those areas with Denatured alcohol and adhesion promoter as well.

  6. Using a pair of pliers, reach into the rocker panel molding pockets as shown and pull the eight (8) push pins from the left side rocker panel molding and discard. The rocker panel molding will remain in place with the upper fasteners retaining it to the body.

  7. Prepare the Rocker Splitter for installation by bending and creasing the tape. Do not expose or touch the foam tape.

  8. Loosely install the left side Rocker Splitter and eight (8) new Push Pins. Ensure that the foam tape pull tabs are accessible. Press the Push Pins in, leaving a 1/8” to 1/4” gap.

  9. Starting at the front and ensuring that the factory rocker panel molding is nested into the recessed feature in the Rocker Splitter, fully insert the eight (8) Push Pins. The handle of a screw driver works well to fully press the Push Pins in.

  10. Pull the four (4) tape pull tabs to remove the tape backing.

  11. Press the left side Rocker Splitter into place. Apply firm pressure at 3-4 inch intervals along the entire length of the Rocker Splitter to ensure a strong bond.

  12. Using the installed left side Rocker Splitter as a template, drill five (5) 1/4” holes into the factory rocker panel molding. Assembly Tip: Place several wraps of electrical tape 1” from the tip of the drill bit to act as a drill stop. Install a new Push Pin into each of the five (5) drilled holes.

  13. Repeat steps 1 - 12 for the right side Rocker Splitter.

Congratulations!!! You have completed the installation of the ROUSH Performance Products, Rocker Splitter Kit. It is recommended that you save all parts removed from your vehicle during the installation of this kit.

Roush Chin Spoiler & Side Splitter Install (13-14 Mustang) - Roush Mustang Chin Spoiler & Side Splitters


About the Video

Mustang Roush Chin Spoiler & Side Splitter Installation (S197 13-14)

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Published on 2014-02-17
Are you looking to add some serious styling to your 2013-14 Mustang? Check out the Roush front splitter (chin spoiler) and side splitter kit from This kit includes the aggressive 13-14 Roush Chin Spoiler, rocker side splitters and the rear bumper side splitters.

Follow along in this video as we show you just how easy it is to install this complete kit and transform for S197 Mustang. This kit will fit V6, GT, Boss 302 & California Special edition 13-14 Mustangs. See the links below to see each individual pieces in this kit.

Be sure too check out our full line of Roush Performance parts at
Transcript makes it very easy to upgrade the appearance of your 2013 and 2014 Mustang.

One way is by using this front inside splitter kit from Roush Performance Parts. While technically these are bolt-on pieces, they're not exactly direct-fit because they do require some drilling and cutting for installation.

Luckily, Roush does include very detailed instructions, along with all the needed hardware, so follow along, and we'll show you how to install these splitters on this 2014 Mustang GT.

We'll begin the installation with the front chin spoiler. You'll want to lift the front of the car to gain access to the underside of the bumper cover. You will need to remove the two 7 millimeter hex head screws at the lower front portion of each wheel well.

Remove the six 8 millimeter screws from the front of the closeout panel, and then remove the eleven remaining 7 millimeter panel fasteners and save these for re-installation.

You can remove the closeout panel from under the car. While you don't have to remove the bumper cover, we did so just for filming purposes to show you a clear view of all the fasteners you'd be touching.

Remove the two 7 millimeter screws from the chin spoiler. Remove and discard the six retaining pins from the inside of the bumper cover.

Depress the six tabs and push them through the slots in the lower bumper cover to remove the factory splitter. Remove and discard the eight factory plastic U-clips from the lower portion of the front bumper.

You can remove the six tabs from the chin spoiler either by cutting them off or breaking them off with a pair of pliers. Measuring from the end of the splitter, measure inward 47 centimeters or 18 and 1/2 inches. At your mark, use a straight edge to draw a straight line continuing around the splitter to the lowest body line.

We used a body saw to cut along the line. We cut downward, flush against the retaining end, to finish the cut and discarded the trimmed piece.

Now you can clean up any rough edges you may have using sandpaper or a file. Repeat these steps for the other side.

This is what your factory chin spoiler should look like after you've performed the cuts. Install the eight supplied J-clips along the front lower edge of the bumper cover. Temporarily install the new chin spoiler on the front bumper cover.

Install three screws found in the hardware kit and center the splitter up on the bumper cover. Mark your three holes on the right hand side and the three holes on the left hand side.

Before drilling, remove the splitter. And drill your six holes, first using an 1/8 inch drill bit and then stepping up to a 1/4 inch drill bit.

Install the six J-clips supplied in the hardware kit onto the six newly drilled holes on the bumper cover. Remove and discard the six factory J-clips from the lower closeout panel.

Hang the new chin splitter from the bumper cover, using six screws from the hardware kit. Install the remaining six J-clips from the hardware kit onto the new splitter.

Grab your factory splitter and slide it up underneath the new splitter. And install two of the take-off screws, then install the two screws removed from the wheel well opening on each side.

Slide the closeout panel into place. The panel must be sandwiched between the factory splitter and the new chin splitter.

Install six of the 7 millimeter screws that we removed in the beginning. Install the remaining six screws from the hardware kit into the front portion of the closeout panel.

Install the remaining five take-out bolts, removed in the beginning, to the back of the closeout panel.

After you finish up with the chin spoiler, you can move on to the rocker splitters. On the underside of the new rocker splitters, they're marked left-hand and right-hand. We'll start with the left.

Wipe down the four rectangular areas outlined on the top surface of each side splitter with a clean cloth and alcohol. Once dried, apply adhesion promoter within these areas.

Apply one strip of tape to each of the four rectangular areas where the adhesion promoter was placed. Keep the red side of the tape facing up. Do this on both rocker splitters.

Hold the rocker splitter in position and visually note where the foam tape is attached to the factory rocker molding. Lower the rocker splitter. Do not tape it into place just yet.

Clean the noted area where the tape aligns on the factory rocker moldings, and apply some of the adhesion promoter to the factory rocker panel. Remove the eight push-pins from the left-hand rocker panel molding and discard them.

Prepare the new rocker splitter by bending and creasing the pull-tabs for the tape. Do not expose or touch the foam tape.

Loosely install the left-hand rocker splitter and eight of the new supplied push-pins. Ensure that the foam tape pull-tabs are accessible and, starting at the front, ensuring that the rocker panel molding is nested into the recessed feature in the rocker splitter, fully insert the eight push-pins.

Pull the four tape tags to remove the tape backing and press the rocker splitter into place. Apply firm pressure at 3 to 4 inch intervals along the entire length of the rocker splitter to ensure a strong bond.

To keep from drilling too far, you can use some electrical tape on your drill bit to make a drill stop. You'll want to place several wraps of tape down about 1 inch from the tip of the drill bit.

Using the rocker splitter as a template, drill five new 1/4 inch holes into the factory rocker panel molding. Install a new push-pin into each of the five newly drilled holes. Repeat all of these steps for the right-hand side.

With the rocker splitters in place, we'll finally move on to the rear splitters. Take the supplied template, cut out along the dashed line, and fold at the lines marked "fold".

Position the template onto the underside of the left-hand part of the rear bumper cover. Align the rear-most hole for proper positioning, aligning the edges of the template with the inside edges of the rear bumper cover.

Tape the template in place. Once you're comfortable with the splitter template alignment, drill four 1/8 inch pilot holes into the center marks shown on the template. Remove the template and drill the four 1/8 inch holes out to 1/4 inch size.

With rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, wipe down the rear splitters on the edge with all of the alignment holes.

Align a straight edge to the center of the four holes to use as a guide while applying adhesion promoter. Do not apply beyond the holes so the adhesion promoter will be visible once the splitter is installed.

Remove the white backing from the tape pieces and install the tape 4 millimeters from the edge.

Again using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, wipe down the bumper cover installation surfaces. Install the force applied J-clip fasteners over your 1/4 inch holes. Remove the red film from the tape to install the rear splitters.

Position the left-hand rear splitter mounting holes in alignment with the J-clips and loosely install the screws. Stick the rear splitter into place then fully install and tighten the four retaining screws. Do this for both sides.

The chin spoiler and side splitters are available separately or in this complete kit. And I know it's hard to believe that a few pieces of plastic can make a difference, but the difference is drastic. Your car will look better.

As always, Roush includes all the hardware, instructions, and even templates where needed.

Visit to pick up your kit today.

How To Install Mustang Roush Side Splitters (13-14) Tech Info

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