Roush Hood Scoop Install (13-14 Mustang)

Posted 3/17/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch us install a Roush hood scoop on a 2013-14 Mustang GT. This is an easy way to improve the exterior of your S197 Mustang!

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Adding a Roush hood scoop to your 2013-14 Mustang is a simple way to give your Stang an aggressive new look. This Mustang hood scoop was made popular on the supercharged 5.0L Roush RS3 and adding its race inspired looks is easy if you follow along in this video.

The Roush hood scoop ships unpainted. Before you begin installation you will need to have it professionally painted. Installation will require you to make some minor modifications to your factory hood; however, with the help of our installation video and Roush’s detailed installation instructions, this install will be a breeze.

Just like other Roush Performance Parts, this Mustang hood scoop is constructed from only the best materials and fit and finish are second to none! Don’t forget to finish off your Roush RS3 conversion with our Roush chin spoiler, upper grille, lower grille delete and fog light kit. Watch do a complete Roush conversion on our 2014 here: 2014 Mustang GT Project Car.

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Roush Mustang Hood Scoop Installation (S197 2013-14)

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Published on 2014-03-03
Are you looking to add some serious styling to your 13-14 Mustang GT, V6 or Boss 302? Look no further than the Roush hood scoop. This hood scoop was made popular on the super powerful supercharged Roush RS3. This Mustang hood scoop is constructed out of high strength injection molding that will give you years of worry free aggressive styling.

Each Roush hood scoop includes all necessary attaching hardware and instructions for installation. Install will require you to have the hood scoop professionally painted and require some simple modifications to be made to the hood.

Follow along in the video as we show you can drastically transform the hood of your S197 Mustang with this Roush hood scoop. We will show you how easy it is to use the supplied templates to easily mark and drill the required holes for installation.
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Part #: RSH-421395
Fits: Ford Mustang V6, GT & Boss 302
Years: 2013 (13) - 2014 (14)
2013 and '14 Mustangs received a nice touch from the factory by way of the louvered vents mounted on the hood. However, if you want a little bit more exterior pop for your Mustang, you need to check out this hood scoop from Roush performance. It does come unpainted, so you will need to plan a trip to your body shop to have it color-matched to your vehicle. And it does require some drilling for installation, but luckily, Roush does include detailed installation instructions, along with a cut-out template and all needed installation hardware. Follow along, and we'll show you what it takes to get this hood scoop mounted on your Mustang.

Open your hood, and using a pushpin removal tool, remove the 13 hood insulator retainers. Save these for later. And remove the hood insulator from the car.

Next, the instructions say to remove the rubber hood to cowl seal, but we did not do this. And we'll tell you why here in a little bit. Cut out the provided hood template. If the Mustang is equipped with extractors, align the template cut-outs with the extractors. Align the rear of the hood template to the rear of the hood, and the line the sides with the cowl hood feature lines of the hood.

Using the center punch, mark all the holes to be drilled. Remove the template from the hood. Using an 1/8 inch drill bit, continue drilling a straight centered pilot hole through the second layer of sheet metal on the forward two outer holes. Drill nine pilot holes, four along the front, three along the back, and two, one on each side.

Using either a step drill bit, or 7/16 inch standard drill bit, begin filling the pilot holes open. Do not drill through the second layer of sheet metal with the 716th bit. Clean up any loose metal shavings. Open the hood. Using a 7/8 inch hole saw, open up the two forward outer holes on the underside of the hood. You can use a rust preventer, if you choose, on all nine holes. Clean up any loose metal shavings.

With the hood scoop laying upside down, remove the stud protectors from the underside of the hood scoop. Remove the backing from eight of the circular isolators, and install them around the eight studs. Remove the backing from the ninth isolator, and stretch it around the locating dowel.

Wipe down the outer surfaces that will accept the double-sided tape with rubbing alcohol, and allow to dry. Apply the 3M adhesion promoter to the clean surfaces, and let the adhesion promoter dry for at least a minute. Then apply the double-sided tape, with the red film facing up.

Place the hood scoop over the hood, locating the rear dowel into the rear center hole. Center the scoop between the cowl lines of the hood, or the heat extractors, if you have a '13 or '14. Remove the red film from the front piece of tape, from the left, the right, and then the back piece of tape. Firmly press around the perimeter of the hood scoop.

Open the hood and install the eight supplied attaching nuts. We did not drill the 7/8 inch holes with the hole saw. We were able to access the studs by reaching in from the front of the hood cross support. This is why we did not remove the hood to cowl seal.

Install the supplied finish plugs into the 7/8 inch holes. Reinstall the hood insulator and the push pins. The hood scoop is supplied with a black inlet graphic, and you can either install this, or do like we did, and while your hood scoop is at the paint shop, have the front edge painted black.

Once the installation is done and you've started breathing again, you'll realize it wasn't all that bad. Even though the size of the template will cause you to panic, it really is just a few holes to drill, a couple of pieces of tape to peel, and tighten down a few nuts.

It really does add to the body lines of the Mustang. And you can grab yours at Along with any other Roush accessory you may need.

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