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SVT Lightning Intercooler Installation (99-04)

Did your SVT Lightning's intercooler pump stop working? Replace it with a Ford Racing M-8501-MSVT pump!

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The supercharger on your F-150 Lightning creates plenty of extra horsepower and torque. It also creates plenty of heat! To help fight air intake temperature spikes, the intake manifold has an intercooler built into it. This intercooler (IC) uses coolant to help it stay cool and reduce air intake temperatures as the compressed air is forced through it. This coolant is pumped to through the IC via the intercooler pump. It is routed through a front mounted heat exchanger which reduces the coolant temps.

As these trucks are starting to age it is not uncommon to have an intercooler pump fail. Thankfully Ford Racing has come to the rescue with their M-8501-MSVT intercooler pump. It is a direct replace for 99-04 SVT Lightnings, 03-04 Terminator Cobras and 07-14 Shelby GT500s. If yours is bad, follow the simple removal and installation instructions below. You will be back on the road in no time!

SVT Lightning Intercooler Installation (99-04) - lightning inter cooler pump removal

Tools Needed:

  • 5/16 wrench (ratchet wrench works best)
  • Pillars
  • Extra Coolant
SVT Lightning Intercooler Installation (99-04) - F-150 lightning intercooler pump install

99-04 F-150 Lightning Intercooler Pump Install:

  1. Disconnect the wiring harness from the pump
  2. Have your catch can ready for the coolant
  3. Use pillars to pull the hose clamps back
  4. Pull the hoses loose from the assembly (get ready to catch some coolant!)
  5. Open up your new Ford Racing M8501MSVT assembly
  6. Remove the GT500 specific rubber mount (slides off the housing with a little force)
  7. Loosen the two bolts that hold the stock assembly clamp down (5/16”)
  8. Remove and Replace pump with new Ford Racing pump
  9. Tighten the clamp
  10. Connect hoses & hose clamps
  11. Re-connect the wiring harness
  12. Check coolant levels, start your truck and check for leaks
SVT Lightning Intercooler Installation (99-04) - Ford Racing M-8501-MSVT intercooler pump

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