SVT Lightning LED Dome Light Installation

Watch our SVT Lightning LED Dome & Map Light Installation video here! Give your performance F-150 a modern look!

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Upgrading the interior lighting in your 1999-2004 SVT Lightning is an easy way to add a modern touch to your truck and give it some personal style. This is an easy upgrade to make with only one component to remove to complete this upgrade. A simple swap of the incandescent bulbs for the LED bulbs makes for a soft blue glow versus the yellow light you get from originals.

This upgrade adds a personal and more modern touch to the inside of your 99-04 Lightning as well as makes it easier on the eyes when opening up the doors, using the courtesy light overhead or using the map lights inside the cab of your truck. The LED’s do not give off heat like a traditional bulb and add to the overall appeal of your truck.

LED interior bulbs can be added to replace burned out factory bulbs or installed to enhance the interior appeal of your SVE Lightning for a contemporary touch. Most all modern automotive manufacturers are employing these in all models of their cars and trucks. Better visibility, less heat, and a soothing blue glow are the benefits of doing this simple upgrade. This improvement can be done in a matter of minutes with simple hand tools, and really makes a difference to the interior of your 99-04 Lightning.

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Ford F-150 Lightning LED Bulbs Installation - Dome Light (99-04)

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Published on 2014-08-18
Upgrading to the SVT Lightning LED Dome Light Conversion will give your F-150 performance truck a more modern look. Not to mention this will improve your over all lighting in your interior with the brighter white LED bulbs!

This installation will drastically improve the interior of your Ford Lightning and best of all it will take less than 15 minutes.This kit includes:

(1) LED Dome Light 578 Bulb
(2) LED Map Light 578 Bulbs

Each LED bulb in this Dome Light kit includes three powerful pure white LED diodes that will drastically improve the lighting in your SVT Lightning.See More Ford Lightning Lighting products in the link below!

This same kit will also work on many other Ford F-150, F-250 & Expedition vehicles using the same 578 bulbs!!

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What's up everyone? It's Landan with And today, I'm going to be showing you another simple how-to for do your '99 to '04 SVT Lightning. I'm going to be installing one of our LED light conversion kits into the dome light of my Gen II lightning.

If you're like me, you're tired of that dull dingy yellow whatever you call it from your factory dome light. Our LED light conversion kits are brighter. They illuminate pure white, and they last longer than your factory bulbs.

Start by using an eight millimeter wrench or socket and remove your negative battery cable. You want to do this, so you don't burn yourself from the hot factory bulb. Next, remove the dome light cover. From the backside of the cover, pull toward the from on the truck.

Locate the three Phillips head screws holding the dome light assembly in place. Loosen the three screws, being careful on the third as the assembly will start to come free from the head liner.

Carefully lift the connector from the dome light and slide it out of the assembly. Start with the center light and remove it. Install one of the LED bulbs in place and make sure the LED diodes are facing towards you. Flip the dome light assembly over. Mark the orientation to make reassembly quicker and easy.

Remove the four Phillips head screws from a light assembly. Put the light assembly over and pull the small plastic tab back with a flat head screwdriver. This will release the metal light reflector from the assembly.

Remove the factory built the same way you did the first one. Install the second LED into place, making sure the diodes are facing up which will be towards the metal reflector. Reinstall the metal light reflector. Place the light assembly back into the dome light housing and reinstall the four screws.

Be careful not to over-tighten. Slide the connector back into place and align it with the head liner. Reinstall the three screws, being careful not to over-tighten. Reinstall the dome light cover and then tighten down your negative battery cable.

With 10 minutes of your time and common hand tools, you can ditch that ugly yellow look for a brighter, more efficient light with our LED light converting kit. For more Lightning how-tos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or check us out on the web at