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SVT Lightning LED License Plate Bulb Install (99-04 F-150)

Created by Mike Cotter
Last Updated 3/9/2020

Watch this installation video to see how to install LED license plate bulbs on your 99-04 SVT Lightning.

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Want an easy way to improve the looks and lighting for your 1999-2004 SVT Lightning license plate lights? These LED bulbs are a great improvement over the stock blubs and will last longer as well. Our F-150 Lightning LED bulbs are brighter and will increase visibility of your license plate. Why wait unit your bulbs have burned out and possibly risk getting pulled over for a burned out bulb. Replace them with the out LED conversion kit now and remove the chance of that happening. Shop our complete line of SVT Lightning lightning products in the link below!!

SVT Lightning Lights

Required Tools:

  • None !!

99-04 SVT Lightning LED License Plate Bulb Install:

  1. Start by locating the license plate blubs on the back side of the bumper. You can either reach behind the bumper or lay under the bumper to locate them.
  2. Once they are located, rotate the bulb socket counter clockwise and remove from the light cover.
  3. Remove the bulb and replace it with the LED blub.
  4. If the blub does not work remove it and rotate it 180 degrees and reinstall.
  5. The bulbs have to be installed in the correct orientation or they will not light up.
  6. Align the connector with the light cover and rotate clockwise to install the new LED bulb.
  7. Step back and enjoy the new brighter lights.

This simple 15 minute installation will easily add a more modern lighting option to your second generation F-150 SVT Lightning. For more restoration and performance modification for your Ford performance truck visit LMR.com.

About the Video

SVT Lightning LED License Plate Bulb Conversion (99-04 F-150)

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Published on 2014-08-18
LatemodelRestoration.com has made it easy to get rid of those ugly dim factory license plate bulbs. Thanks to our LED conversion kit you can add a brighter more modern look to the rear of your F-150 performance truck!

Each kit includes (2) two 194 LED Bulbs. Each bulb contains multiple bright white LEDs that will help illuminate your license plate. This can help you avoid un-wanted attention from local law enforcement.

This SVT Lightning LED conversion kit will install in less than 10 minutes! This same kit will also work on many other Ford trucks or SUVs such as the Expedition or F-250. If your license plate bulbs are a 194 or 168 bulb this will work on your vehicle!

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Latemodel Restoration
What's up everyone? It's Landan with LatemodelRestoration.com. And today, I'm going to show you a simple how-to for all '99 to '04 SVT Lightnings. A common problem on all Gen 2 Lightnings are broken, dull, yellow license plate light bulbs. A simple solution to this is upgrading to one of our LED light converges kits.

These lights are brighter, last longer than your factory bulbs, and give your SVT Lightning a modernized look. Now, let me go ahead and show you just how simple this install is.

Starts by reaching underneath your rear bumper and locating the light connector. Rotate the connector counterclockwise and remove it from the bumper. If the light does not power on, simply unplug it and reverse the orientation. LED bulbs will only illuminate if they have the correct electrical player.

Pull the factory bulb out of the connector and install an LED bulb. Align the connector with the light cover and rotate clockwise and snap it in place. Repeat for the opposite side.

Installation was super simple. It took me less than five minutes to complete. And even with our studio lights, you can definitely notice a difference between your factory bulb and our LED light conversion kit. For more Lightning how-tos, subscribe to our YouTube channel or check us out on the web at LatemodelResoration.com.

SVT Lightning LED License Plate Bulb Install (99-04 F-150) Tech Info

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