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How To Adjust 5.0 Resto '93 Cobra Style Brake Booster | 1979-93 Mustang

Follow along as LMR walks you through all of the steps to adjust 5.0 Resto's 1993 Cobra-style brake booster on your 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang!

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How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

In this article, we’re going to discuss some simple tech info where we will show you the steps you need to take to adjust your brake booster pushrod. So recently, we installed a '93 Cobra-style brake booster onto our 1993 silver hatchback Fox Body Mustang, which has our SVE SN95 Cobra-style 5-lug brake conversion. We're not going to get into the detail of that particular kit, but if you are interested, check out our article where we explain the kit and show you how to install one onto a Fox Mustang.

Upgrading the brake booster has led us to this article. Anytime you install a new master cylinder or a new brake booster, it is required that you verify and adjust the brake booster pushrod length if it’s needed. Not doing this will result in either dragging brakes or a low pedal which can be very dangerous! In this article, we’ll explain the very simple steps you need to take to ensure the brake booster pushrod is properly adjusted. Now, you can purchase a specific tool for this or use what you have lying around the shop.

Specialty Tools Needed

  • Digital or dial caliper
  • Small straight edge
  • Set of midget wrenches

Now, we know a Vernier caliper can seem simple, but you will need to understand how one of these calipers works to obtain some of the measurements.

Adjustment Steps

  1. To ensure we are clear and concise, we will be showing these steps on the workbench. To begin, we first need to measure the pushrod bore depth of the master cylinder and write this down. This measurement will be from the bottom of the radius in the pushrod bore to the back face of the mounting flange on the master cylinder. Insert a tool that will fit inside the bore and is small enough to reach the lowest point in the bore.
  2. How To Adjust 5.0Resto

  3. Next, use a small straight edge and position it across the mounting flange of the master cylinder. Using a marker, place a mark where the straight edge intersects with the depth checking tool.
  4. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  5. Remove the depth checking tool and measure the distance using a digital or dial caliper. You’ll use the lower jaw section on the caliper for this.
  6. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  7. Write down this number and call it something you can reference. For example, I’m calling this "M1" for measurement one.
  8. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  9. Now we can go ahead and measure the distance from the back of the master cylinder to the back face of the mounting flange. Use the depth rod section of the caliper to obtain this measurement.
  10. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  11. Write down this number. I’m calling this "M2" for measurement two.
  12. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  13. Subtract "M2" from "M1" and write this down as "M3".
  14. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  15. In order to prevent accidental pre-load of the master cylinder, subtract another 5 to 10 thousandths from "M3". This will be the final number.
  16. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  17. Go ahead and measure the distance that the pushrod protrudes from the master cylinder mating surface on the brake booster to the tip of the pushrod. Use the upper jaw section on the caliper to measure this distance. Depending on the components and how the pushrod is set from the factory will dictate whether or not you have lengthened or shortened the pushrod.
  18. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  19. Whatever is required, hold the flats on the shaft with a suitable small wrench. Loosen the jam nut using the correct size wrench and then turn the pushrod adjusting screw in or out to the desired length.
  20. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto
    How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  21. Check the length again. Whenever this is good, mark the tip for reference just in case you accidentally rotate it a little; you know where the orientation was.
  22. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  23. Run the jam nut down against the shaft and then snug it down. This doesn’t have to be crazy tight.
  24. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

  25. Once that is complete, you can continue with what you’re doing and you’re good to go.
  26. How To Adjust 5.0 Resto

Alright, folks! That’s it. This process is a lot easier than what people make it out to be. The hardest part is removing and installing the components into the vehicle. Which by the way, if you own a Fox Mustang and would like to see the process of installing a '93 Cobra-style booster, check out our article.

Until next time, for all things 1979 to present Mustang and SVT Lightning; keep it right here with the Real Mustang eEnthusiasts, LMR.com!

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1979-93 Mustang Brake Booster

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Published on 2021-09-22
Follow along as Landan walks you through the step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the 1993 Cobra style brake booster pushrod for 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustangs!

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