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Bleeding Brake Calipers with Two Bleeder Screws

Created by Jay Walling / 5 min read
Date Created: 6/7/2023
Last Updated: 2/9/2024

Within this article, we will cover the procedure for bleeding brake calipers with two bleeder screws.

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How to Bleed Brake Calipers with Two Bleeder Screws

If you have recently changed to a new set of calipers or changed lines on your Mustang, you must know how to bleed your brakes. Some calipers feature multiple pistons and require a special bleeding procedure that differs from a traditional single-piston design. Follow along, and we will show you what is takes to complete this task!

Required Tools

  • Lift or Jack & Jack Stands
  • Microfiber Towels & Brake Clean
  • Flare Nut Wrench Set
  • Brake Bleeding Kit Including New Fluid
  • A Friend To Help With The Bleeding Procedure

Brake Bleeding Procedure

  1. To begin, safely support the vehicle with a lift or with jack stands.

  2. Remove all four wheels.

  3. Open the hood and locate the master cylinder.

  4. First, clean up any dirt or debris in this area.

  5. Open the cap and top off the fluid to the “MAX” fluid line with the appropriate fluid for your application.

  6. Reinstall the cap just for peace of mind.

  7. Start at the brake caliper furthest from the master cylinder, the rear passenger side.

  8. Remove the bleeder caps if equipped, and install clear tubing with the appropriate diameter over the inner bleeder screw.

  9. The other end of the tube needs to be connected to a collection device.

  10. Position the correct-sized line wrench over the bleeder screw.

  11. Have the second person pump the brake pedal three times and hold. Make sure they verbally communicate this.

  12. While they’re holding the pedal, open the bleeder to push either air or fluid through the tubing.

  13. I usually count in my head, “one one-thousandth, two one-thousandth,” and then close the bleeder screw.

  14. Repeat this until clean and clear fluid starts to flow consistently.

  15. Remove the tubing and install the tubing over the outside bleeder.

  16. Whenever you’re ready to move to the next caliper, wipe up any brake fluid with a microfiber towel and brake clean.

  17. Now we can move to the driver-side rear caliper.

  18. Before bleeding this caliper, top off the master cylinder with fresh fluid.

  19. Go ahead and repeat the same bleeding procedure.

  20. The next caliper to bleed is the passenger front. Top off the brake fluid and begin bleeding the front caliper just like you did the rear. Inside bleeder first, then the outside bleeder.

  21. Once you’re finished with the passenger-side caliper, top off the brake fluid and move to the driver-side front caliper.

  22. Repeat the same process, then top off the master cylinder.

  23. Typically, I recommend going another round just because I like the peace of mind of knowing that I accomplished a good bleed.

  24. Whenever you’re content, make sure all of the brake fluid at each caliper is wiped clean, and then install all of the bleeder screws.

  25. Verify again that the master cylinder is topped off, then reinstall the cap. Reinstall the wheels and run down the lug nuts.

  26. Get the car on the ground and torque the lug nuts to factory spec. Check over your work, and you are all done!

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How To: Brake Bleeding Procedure for Calipers with Two Bleeder Screws (Brembo/Wilwood/Baer)

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Published on 2023-05-04
In this video, Landan explains the procedure for bleeding brake calipers with two bleeder screws. This process is very similar to a brake caliper with one bleeder screw, except you have an extra bleeder to bleed. With two bleeder screws, always start with the insider bleeder screw first, followed by the outside bleeder screw.

The correct order to bleed the brake calipers is as follows:
1. Passenger Rear Caliper
2. Driver Rear Caliper
3. Passenger Front Caliper
4. Driver Front Caliper
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