1979-98 Mustang Transmission Mount Installation Instructions

A Mustang urethane transmission mount is a great way to reduce drive-train flex and have your Mustang shifting better than ever. Follow along as we show you how to install a 1979-1998 Mustang urethane transmission mount that will provide better shifts and eliminate driveline flex!

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Tools Required

  • Ratchets Set
  • Wrenches
  • Jack & Jack Stands

Installation Instructions

Step 1
Jack the car up and place it on jack stands. Be sure to leave enough room to work under the transmission.
Step 2
Trace the transmission mount. This is located at the rear of your transmission.
Step 3
Remove the two bolts that mount the transmission mount to the transmission.
Step 4
Remove the two nuts that hold the transmission mount to the crossmember.
Step 5
Raise your transmission slowly with a jack and remove the old mount.
Step 6
Install the new transmission mount in its place.
Step 7
Lower your transmission making sure the bolt hols line up properly.
Step 8
Re-install the hardware, lower the car, then you are ready to go for a drive!
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About the Video

1979-1998 Mustang SVE Heavy Duty Transmission Mount - Review & Install

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Published on 2018-12-17
Mustang SVE Heavy Duty Transmission Mount.
Reduce bushing deflection in your 1979-1998 Mustang with this SVE heavy duty transmission mount! Located between the transmission tail shaft and the transmission cross member, your transmission mount supports the weight of your transmission and keeps your drivetrain aligned. The stock transmission mount was made with a soft, rubber material that was great for absorbing vibration and that was about it. Stock rubber mounts tend to rip, break, and deflect under load; which reduces the amount of power you put to the ground. SVE's heavy duty transmission mount is made of a higher durometer rubber that reduces deflection to keep drivetrain flex at a minimum. This leads to improved shifting as well as reduced drivetrain power loss!

SVE Quality.
SVE utilizes high-quality materials in all products they make, and this transmission mount is no exception. Starting off with a heavy duty metal frame, this transmission mount provides a solid foundation for years to come. The metal frame is Zinc-coated to resist corrosion in harsh environments. The heavy-duty rubber material is then molded to the mount to ensure a long-lasting bond. A threaded plate is molded into the bottom of the transmission mount and accepts the included transmission mount to cross member bolts. New flat and lock washers are included to provide a quick, easy, and secure installation!

Fitment Notes:
- Will not fit 96-98 4.6L 2V manual transmission Mustangs.
- Must reuse your factory bolts that hold the transmission mount to the transmission housing.

-Fits 1979-1998 Mustang

Item # LRS-6068AU
What’s up everyone? Landan with! In this video, I’ll be taking a closer look at this heavy-duty transmission mount from SVE designed for 1979 to 1998 Mustangs.

If you’re in the market to both replace and upgrade the factory transmission mount in your 79 to 98 Mustang, then you should definitely consider this heavy-duty mount from industry leader SVE.

Overtime, the factory rubber mount will deteriorate from prolonged exposure to the elements and any oil or fluid that has come in contact with the rubber.

This will cause excessive drivetrain vibration and the possibility of miss shifts under wide open throttle because of transmission play or slack from the defective factory mount.

Those symptoms are easily resolved by upgrading to SVE’s heavy duty transmission mount. Now their mount is built from premium materials and will benefit the car in several ways.

Because of the beefy construction, you’ll be able to improve wide open throttle shifting and of course drastically reduce bushing deflection. The bushing material is a hybrid rubber compound that is red in color, incorporates a higher durometer rating and better resistancy to petroleum based substances such as engine oil or transmission fluid.

The metal bracketry is zinc-plated to withstand harsh environments and the provided transmission mount to cross member bolts are rated at 8.8.

In the box will be one transmission mount, two bolts, two lock washers, and two flat washers. The only factory hardware that is reused is the transmission mount to transmission housing bolts.

As far as fitment is concerned, this SVE heavy duty mount will fit all 1979 to 1998 manual and automatic Mustangs with only exception being the 1996 to 1998 4.6 liter 2V Mustangs. Those cars had a different off-set mount which is why this SVE mount will not work.

Wrapping things up here guys, this is a pretty straightforward part. You’ll be able to upgrade your factory mount with confidence and enjoy the added benefits of the heavy duty transmission mount from SVE.

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