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How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang

Increase your amperage output with SVE's 200 Amp Alternator! Check out our removal and install instructions for your 1994-95 Mustang.

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How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang - How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang

There's nothing worse than having a sub-par charging system on your Mustang. This can cause many different issues such as idling problems, dimming lights, or even a no-start condition. 1994-95 Mustangs came equipped from the factory with an upgraded 130 amp alternator. These models came equipped with an electric fan, unlike the Fox chassis. With the addition of high output ignition systems or even upgraded stereo equipment, only added to some of the limitations of the factory setup. To handle the increased demand for aftermarket accessories, SVE has put together a 200 amp alternator kit to supply your accessories with the power they demand.

This kit from SVE will be offered in both a standard satin finish as well as a black option. With this kit, you will get both the upgraded 200 amp alternator as well as the 4 gauge power wire. When installed with the supplied alternator pulley and the stock crank pulley this unit will produce about 100 amps at idle and just over 200 at peak under a load. To safely protect the circuit from an additional output of this alternator and suppress audio noises through your electrical system, SVE provides a 10-foot section of 4 gauge power wire with a pre-installed inline fuse. This 4 gauge power wire MUST be used with any 200 amp upgraded alternator.

Below, we will cover SVE's 200 Amp Alternator Upgrade removal and installation on 1994-95 GT and Cobra models.

Removing Your Stock Alternator

  1. Disconnect both the positive & negative battery terminals.
  2. Loosen the inlet tube clamp & remove the 8mm bolt on the fender. (FIG 1.1)
  3. Remove the inlet tube at the throttle body location & remove the grommet from the fender.
  4. Disconnect the vent tube going to the oil fill nipple & disconnect the mass air flow connector.
  5. Pull up on the airbox to release it from the studs on the lower frame rail.
  6. Using a 3/8 drive ratchet & extension, loosen the belt tensioner, remove belt, and set aside. (FIG 1.4)
  7. If your vehicle is still equipped with the air injection tube bracket, remove the 10mm bolt. (FIG 1.5)
  8. Remove the upper 13mm & lower 15mm alternator retaining bolts. (FIG 1.6)
  9. Using a flat bladed screwdriver or pry bar, dislodge the alternator from the bracket. (FIG 1.7)
  10. Flip alternator over, remove the cover on the main battery lug, & remove 10mm retaining nut. (FIG 1.8)
  11. Using a small flat bladed screwdriver, release tabs from alternator. (FIG 1.9)
How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang - How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang

Installing Your 4 Gauge Power Wire

  1. Before reinstalling the alternator, lightly tap the bolt retainer outwards with a small hammer. (FIG 2.1)
  2. Mock up the 4 gauge power wire along the inner fender & across the firewall of the car. (FIG 2.2)
  3. Make sure the fused end is closest to the alternator. (FIG 2.3)
  4. Slide up the cover on the fuse junction box and remove the retaining nut. (FIG 2.4)
  5. Install 4 gauge power wire & reinstall retaining nut (FIG 2.5)
  6. Securely bolt or adhere fuse box with 3M double-sided on inner strut tower (FIG 2.6)
How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang - How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang

Installing Your SVE 200 AMP Alternator

  1. Place alternator back in bracket.
  2. Reinstall stator plug & voltage regulator plug.
  3. Place factory power cable & 4 gauge power cable on the lug on the back of the alternator. (FIG 3.1)
  4. Reinstall the 10mm retaining nut.
  5. Properly align & install upper 13mm & lower 15mm retaining bolts, tightening down to factory specs. (FIG 3.2)
  6. Reinstall 10mm bolt for air injection tube bracket, if previously equipped.
  7. Reinstall the serpentine belt.
  8. Reinstall the airbox, making sure to fully seat the stud in the grommet location on inner frame rail. (FIG 3.3)
  9. Reinstall the rubber grommet and 8mm retaining bolt to the fender. (FIG 3.4)
  10. Reinstall vent tube to oil fill nipple. (FIG 3.5)
  11. Tighten down main inlet tube clamp. (FIG 3.6)
  12. Reconnect mass air flow connector. (FIG 3.6)
  13. Reconnect both positive and negative battery terminals and you're all done!
How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang - How To Install SVE 200 Amp Alternator | 1994-95 Mustang

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How To Install SN95 Mustang 200 Amp Alternator (94-95)

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Eliminate all guesswork with your SN95 Mustang charging system by increasing its power output with the help of this SVE 200 amp alternator and power wire upgrade kit! When increasing amperage output, your Mustang will be able to handle many modern accessories such as an upgraded cooling fan, a superior stereo system, or bright exterior lighting without causing major voltage drop in the charging system.

SVE Quality
Utilizing a 100% brand new alternator, this unit requires no core charge and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Finished in a sleek silver housing and completed with a factory size pulley, this alternator will give a fresh appearance to your Mustang's engine bay. When installed with the factory crank pulley, this unit produces 100 amps at idle and just over 200 amps at peak making this the perfect upgrade for your Mustangs charging system!

Power Wire Upgrade
To safely protect the circuit from the additional output of this alternator and suppress audio noise through your electrical system, SVE provides a 10ft section of #4 gauge power wire with a pre-installed in-line fuse along with the two retaining screws. Featuring the highest quality of wire, this new power wire utilizes an increased number of strands, electrolytic copper, and is wrapped in a black wire loom to give a stealth look under the hood.

Available in both Silver & Black

Fits 1994-1995 Mustang GT & Cobra

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