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1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang Hurst Shifter Installation Instructions

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Last Updated 5/17/2021

Wanting to upgrade your Fox Body Mustang's factory shifter? Follow along as Late Model Restoration shows you how to easily install a Hurst shifter!

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Let's face it, the factory shifter in your Fox Body is good, but there is plenty of room for improvement. That's where the Hurst shifter comes into play. Follow along as we walk you through this quick and easy installation.

The dash pads in the 1979-86 Fox Body Mustangs have a tendency to fade and crack over the past 20 years. Late Model Restoration offers direct replacement dash pads and has provided a quick and easy installation guide to help you get your Fox looking brand new!

Tools Needed:

  • Socket Wrench
  • 13mm Socket

Removal Procedure:

Step 1: Engage your emergency brake. Turn the key to the unlock position and place the shifter in the neutral position. Remove the shifter knob from the shifter stick.
Step 2: Remove the console top plate by grasping underneath the plate and pulling up until it snap out of place.
Step 3: Check the bottom of the console plate, if the factory mounting clips are attached to the tabs on the underside of the plate, carefully remove the clips and set aside.
Step 4: Using a 13mm socket, remove the mounting bolts at the bottom of the shifter stick and set aside (these will be reused).

Installation Procedure:

Step 1: Place the Hurst Console top plate on a clean flat surface with the logo facing upward. Fold the mounting flange corners of the shifter boot inward and insert through the opening in console top plate. The off-set opening (slot) for the shifter stick must be positioned toward the rear of top plate.
Step 2: Attach the shifter boot flange onto the mounting pins located on the underside of the top plate and fasten the boot using the 4 retainer clips that are supplied with the kit. Push the clips completely on the pins to secure the boot.
Step 3: Install the factory mounting clips that were previously removed onto the tabs located on the underside of the top plate.
Step 4: Place the neoprene isolator between the shifter assembly and the Hurst stick. Fasten the stick to to shifter assembly by reusing the two factory mounting bolts. Tighten the bolt securely.
Step 5: Place the console top plate over the shifter and slide the boot down over the stick. Position the top plate onto the console and carefully push down until the top plate is flush with the console and firmly into place.
Step 6: Install the jam nut and knob onto the shifter stuck, turn to the desired position and tighten but against the knob.