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Late Model Restoration is proud to offer high quality parts from Metco Motorsports! From their modest beginnings more than 15 years ago in a home garage, Metco Motorsports makes full use of its 6000+ square foot facility. All product design and prototyping, production, assembly, packaging and shipping occurs at their facility in Anderson, SC. Metco Motorsports is fully equipped with a series of state-of-the-art Haas CNC lathes, mills, a precision metal saw, and the necessary support equipment. Metco Motorsports is committed to providing products of unique design and function, while the focus remains on clever engineering, user-friendly installations, and world-class customer support.

Metco has become synonymous with Ford supercharged vehicles like the Cobra, GT500 and SVT Lightning. Metco creates supercharger pulleys, crank pulleys, tensioners, and more to add more horsepower and torque. Supercharger pulleys are designed to spin the supercharger faster to create more boost. Unfortunately a byproduct of smaller pulleys is that they can create belt slip. Metco makes tensioners and pulleys to help keep your belt tight against the supercharger pulley. Shop our selection of Metco Motorsports parts below for your specific application.

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