Late Model Restoration is proud to offer high quality brake components from Baer Brakes!

Baer has a complete line of Mustang brakes that will have your Mustang stopping on a dime. Baer prides themselves on building world class brake systems for a wide variety of applications and uses. Like most companies, they have a large array of products. Baer's philosophy is that the better, and more accurately a brake system can dissipate heat, the better the brakes will perform. All Baer calipers are 100% manufactured in the USA at their facility in Phoenix, AZ. Their rotors all feature directionally vaned (curved) rotors. The curved vane is longer and adds more stability and mass to the rotor. Most importantly, a curved vane rotor acts as a centrifugal pump. When rotating this pulls air in the center and pumps it out of the outer edges. Shop our selection of world class Baer Brakes for your Mustang below!
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2015-2023 Mustang Baer Brake Kits

1999-2004 Ford SVT Lightning Brake Kits